Mounting a madcatz 360 pad PCB inside a Dreamcast stick?

I’ve just wired up a madcatz Xbox360 pad board to my old Dreamcast stick; everything’s working great but the board could really use a strong mounting to the inside of the stick… but it’s a bit cramped in there and the PCB isn’t flush on the front or back face… any suggestions on mounting the madcatz 360 pad board inside an old (official) Dreamcast arcade stick?


several options.

One cheap way is get 2-3 zip tie adhesive backed squares

Then get long enough zip ties.

Pass them through the squares and around the pcb, past the insides of the thumbstick pots. Tighten the zips then peel off the adhesive backed squares and mount.

Another is to grind off/cut the thumbstick sticks (the metal/plastic stick thing which inserted into the thumbstick before you twisted it off). Meaning you have two flat surfaces on the thumbsticks. Place adhesive backed velcro on both of them and adhesive backed velcro on where you want to mount. Then mount.

If you’re using industrial strength velcro, use a small piece since you’re more like to tear off the velcro adhesive side when pulling it off. :wgrin:

Industrial strength velcro. Get it at Home Depot.

Thanks guys,based on your advice, I took the thumb sticks and hot-glued them to the inside of the stick casing by their base (the part that normally sits inside the pad housing) and then just put small squares of industrial strength Velcro on the top of the sticks (where you would put your thumbs) and 2 small squares of Velcro to the back of the pad PCB… This held the PCD above the existing mountings that where already in place… and it looks pretty tidy too.

Many, many thanks :slight_smile: