Mounting a MADCATZ fightpad pcb

Hi guys. I need some suggestions on a how to mount a fight pad pcb onto my inside of my stick. It will be a happstick. All help is greatly appreciated and try and show pics if you can thanks.

There is no one way to mount a PCB into a stick.
You have to take in consideration the PCB, the case (or the space with in it and how its made) and any other parts inside.

All legitimate ways to mount a PCB in a stick :
Wire anchors and zip ties
Screws with stand offs
PCB feet
Double sided foam tape
Velcro (hook and loop material)
place in a project box and mount the project box

There are other methods of doing so but these has been what I have seen.

just avoid hot gluing the PCB to the bottom of the case if the bottom panel is plexy or acrylic and it does not look that nice

Wow thanks for all that advice. I didn’t even know t pcb feet existed. I will mostlikely be going with then. Thanks you verymuch sir.

Here are some examples of PCB feet.

I used 1’’ #4 Screws and screwed my brawlpad pcb into the underside of my table/stick.

Hell I’ve seen just hot glue holding pcb’s in cases…messy but it does the job…

I will hot glue my pcb if I get desperate, but I will stick with the pcb feet. Also, what are 1" #4 screws?

1 inch long #4 screws. The ‘#4’ is the diameter size of the screw.

You can even use the screws that come with the fightpad. Save the monies =)