Mounting a NAUSB

Hey posted in the noobie/t5 thread but didn’t get an answer.

I’m trying to mount a nausb to a plastic t5 case.

What type of hardware should I use? Wood screws, or machine screws with nuts? I’m not sure if the nuts will fit.

Anyone mount one of these? What size bit for the pilot holes? I just really dont want to f*ck up my perfect t5 case by doing something stupid. Thanks.

use machine screws w/ nuts and toothwasher, imo

prob use 1/8 holes or something. check your local homedepot for appropriate hardware

did it not come with screws? I bought an rj45 style plug from neutrik, and all I had to do was cut a 24mm hole, drill 2 small holes for the corners and screw in the included screws

I used a 24mm holesaw for the main hole.

The neutrik RJ45 comes with screws, but my USB ones did not. I used some 4-40 machine screws so if you are mounting in a Plastic case, you need 1/2 inch 4-40 machine screws and a matching nut.

Went to the hardware store and the guy recommended some metal screws. These will do as I can’t reach one of the nuts if I were to use a machine screw.