Mounting an IL/Happ


After pestering Nerrage (Thanks for your time.) and searching on the forums. I cant seem to find a concrete screw/bolt size to mount the joystick.

From slagcoin: it’s 10-32, 12-32
From another post by rt: 6-32
Help would be nice and your experiences.

I just want it flush because I am going to make an American tupperstick.


My tupperstick is catching on! :rock:

I do have screw size written down. But it away from here.

I’m no jdm714, I don’t know measurements off the top of my head. :sad:


It’s alright, JDM cannot be imitated. But you can be the JDM of our generation. YES!


JDM is the JDM of our generation.

And you can usually go to the hardware store and test out individual screws before buying them.



Fine…NEWER Generation.
I think I will do that, I just dislike being at hardware stores looking for things. I just want to get it as quick as possible.


All those sizes work. The larger sizes go into the larger mounting holes. The smaller mounting holes can use 8-32.


Thanks RT. I am going to home depot/Ace today. Hopefully they have them there.