Mounting an LS-32-01 in the DC Agetec

Ok, from what I’ve read the JLF is the easiest stick to put in the Dreamcast agetec stick case. However I already have a JLF (it’s great) in another stick and would like to try the LS-32 for myself.

Looking here, it looks like a bit of work to fit the LS-32 in there.

However he isn’t mounting with an S-plate like the LS-32-01 has. What I’m wondering is: would I be able to cut out the square mounting area of the joystick plastic (as suggested on the linked page) and pop the top part of the S-plate (below)

up through that square hole to achieve the right height for the joystick? It looks like the LS-32-01 doesn’t have any shaft length (lol) to spare. I’m also not sure there’s even enough room for the bracket on the inside of the case.

I can’t find any dimensions for the S-plate itself and I’m wondering if anyone has tried this (or mounted an LS-32-01 successfully) with the Agetec case.


Yes, it can be done. Here are some pictures of my Agetec:

Seimitsu LS-32 with an S-plate, Seimitsu buttons, Cthulhu and a Mad Catz Retro.

Wow! That’s great, thanks so much for the pictures.

Does the stick feel like the mounting is sturdy/solid?

It’s solid. The link that M K L posted seems very informative. Wish I had that when I modded mine :rofl:.

!!! That’s the best possible result I could have expected from making this thread. Thanks a lot! I’m going to order the LS-32-01 now.

Ultimate cheat code for real.