Mounting depth for semitsu plates

I couldn’t find this with the search though i’m sure it’s out there somewhere so I appologize in advance but,

i know sanwa mounting depth is 9mm right?

What’s the mounting depth for the flat and the S mounting plate for the semitsu’s? I tried 9mm for the flat one but damn is the shaft short this way.

Make it so the shaft shows about 25mm from bottom off plexi to bottom off balltop:

Measurements for “every” Seimitsu Joystick:

Hope this helps a little.

“Hope this helps a little.” he says lawl.

Thanks a lot man, it doesn’t help a little, it helps a lot and then some, and then some, and then some :smiley:

welp, looks like i mounted this last one about 5mm too short, figured the 9mm under the top panel thing was for both sanwa and semitsu :(. Might be ok, i kinda like my sticks shorter, and this one’s for me anyways, but thank goodness I haven’t made any semitsu sticks for any customers yet lawl.