Mounting encoder to joystick with 3D printed brackets

For custom builds, I usually resort to standoffs or double sided foam tape. This 3D printed solution simplifies that step for me by giving a clean place to mount my electronics.

Another part that bothers me is needing screws to mount the circuit board so the part was designed to use these plastic push rivets instead:

Few more photos and info of the build here:

You can download and 3D print the bracket yourself here:

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. Thanks for the looking! I hope this is useful for someone.

Pretty cool.

Thats a pretty badass idea. I might have to get one printed tomorrow. B)

Yeah I may cop the file and make one that’ll fit to a Korean stick later.

Interesting idea.

Before I print one can you confirm these dimensions are correct and shapeways isnt fucking them up?

Cm:6.446 x / 1.242 y / 5.15 z
In:2.538 x / 0.489 y / 2.028 z

The dimensions are correct, but I’m more than willing to print the brackets for you no-charge if you’re in the US. Shapeways and these 3D printing services are WAY overpriced. $10 for 2 black brackets + tax + shipping? That’s insane! It’s a 40 minute print + $0.30 of plastic. Let’s build stuff together instead :slight_smile:

I love this. Great solution @cudbur. Can I order some from you directly? I’m in the US.

I will gladly take you up on this offer. I love this community :slight_smile:

Definitely! Simply use the form at the following link. It helps me track each print job: