Mounting JLF without mounting plate?

Is it ok to mount a JLF with the mounting plate removed? This is going into an all alluminum case with a 1/8th thick top panel. The screws are counter-sinked.

Does the JLF mounting plate dissipate any force from rough joystick handling, or is it ok to just mount it straight to another metal panel?

It’s fine, as long as it’s secure.

Yep you can use the 2 holes on the wings to mount. The proper shaft height though is 25mm so flush mounted on a 1/8 aluminum panel might mount the stick too high. Recommend using some kind of spacer.

gotcha. thanks guys.

Suppose I drill the top plate and screwheads would be showing, how intrusive are they to the hands? Which of the vertical or horizontal orentation is better in terms of not getting in the left palm in the way?

It all depends on your hand grip. You should get flat head screws and counter sink them flush to the panel if you do this. Then it won’t be intrusive.

Alternatively you can use small carriage bolts for this purpose. I have done this with several sticks and they have never bothered me at all.