Mounting New PCBs When They Don't Fit

Hey, I just did my first dual mod with the new Brooks PCB in a HRAP V3-SA. The new PCB isn’t the same size as the old one. There’s plenty of real estate in the case, but the screw holes the original PCB were mounted on just don’t line up with the new one; the best I could do was hold it in place with a single screw. If that’s nice and tight should it be sufficient, or do I need some other solution? If I do need to do something different, can I get some guidance on that?

Here is a quote from one of my older posts

Awesome, thanks man. I went with the double sided mushroom shape dual lock, since they had it at home depot haha. I appreciate the advice!

One trick you can do if nothing else will work, is to take a glue stick and cut it into short sections. You can then heat the ends just enough to make them tacky and then can glue the PCB to any solid surface with an even standoff from that surface, without looking terrible.

Need to undo it? Spray the gluestick standoffs with an upside down airduster so they freeze, then they will just snap off with little effort.

What I tend to do is take scrap pieces of plexi, ABS, or styrene, and make my own “mating” mounts.
That is, mount your PCB onto this piece of plexi/ABS/styrene, and then drill holes in it to mount THAT piece onto the stock mounting screw-holes in the casing.

I pretty much did that, but with some thick card stock and tape haha