Mounting Plate: necessary?

I’m totally new to the stick business and I’m planning to make a shoebox joystick.

So I ordered a JLF and some buttons from laugh, and a cthulhu board, but his stick doesnt come with a mounting plate.

My question is, is the mounting plate necessary for installation? Is it possible to make my joystick without having a mounting plate there?

It’s possible, but it’s a bit of a hassle. With the mounting plate, its easier to use a screw and nut, which I assume you’re doing because it’s a shoebox.

Anyway, you can still mount through to those two tabs on the left and right in this picture. I don’t know if that 2mm from the mounting plate will drastically effect the height.

Are you mounting to wood or metal? Either way it’s optional but can help depending on your box really.

I was searching through my stuff today and i found a Shadowblade stick for the PS2. LOL this stick was so horrid, but maybe its possible to mount a JLF onto this thing? I don’t know, ill have to find some time to crack it open

Anything’s possible, but realistically, no. Not at all. None of that looks like standard parts or standard part knock-offs.