Mounting plate problem

When i was modding my SF4 stick the screws got wrecked and now only 1 screw can mildly fit in.

When i play the stick falls off the mounting plate how can i fix it, can superglue hold it? or should i make holes for the screws

Your descriptions are terrible. Explain your problem in more detail.

Do you have any pictures? I’m having trouble figuring out what’s goin’ on here.


It sounds like he may have overtightened the screws and instead of stripping the screw head, he shredded the threads in the screwhole (the threads on the plastic, not the screw).

In that case, superglue wouldn’t be your best option. I think that you have two options here. 1) Use a thicker screw or 2) Use a two part plastic epoxy, fill the hole, redrill a pilot hole and rescrew.


If you’re using the SE plate, the screws that come with it suck.

I went and got some 6-32 1/2" screws, pounded them down to about 1/4 - 3/8" and they worked fine. (if you leave them 1/2" they will hit the pcb).

I believe the originals are metric, but I just went to walmart in the middle of the night, so that wasn’t really an option.

The mounting plate connecting to the joystick is loose because only 1 screw is holding it, the screws are wrecked.

How can i tighten the mounting plate to the joystick again

take the screw over to your local hardware store and ask “y’all have this type of screw”

ahahah yeah what he said. make sure you get good ones.

Wait…so is your screw head stripped (the slots in the head are worn down so your screwdriver has nothing to latch onto), or does the screw just spin in place? There are two ways your screw can be “wrecked”…but to find out what you need, you have to be a little more descriptive.

If your screw just spins in place…what I mentioned above might help. If the scew head is stripped, then check out this thread:


go get some nuts/bolts if the plate is stripped and can’t tighten. its a tad harder to get it tight but it aint impossible. be creative, use your head