Mounting Plate question


So I took apart a really old SNES joystick (Cityboy by a company called Honest) and there was a mounting plate for the joystick which I took off. The thing is, when I line up the holes to my Sanwa JLF, it seems like the joystick isn’t positioned correctly in terms of its rotational angle. By this i mean the JLF’s “square shape” doesn’t have parallel sides to the plate’s rectangular shape; it’s off by like 5 degrees or so if i were to put the screws in. Is it supposed to be completely parallel to the mounting plate?

Actually, I’ll post some pics up later when I have a chance to describe what I’m talking about.

Also, what size screws fit the JLF? The ones off my old stick are way too long and dont go into the JLF.

If it doesn’t work out, should I buy a new plate (don’t wanna pay around $17 CDN including shipping for a mounting plate. Damn exchange rate) or should I attempt to drill two holes in the mounting plate and mount onto the two outermost holes on the joystick?


if you still need help tomorrow, I’ll pull out a jlf mounting plate and measure the holes and distances from each other. It was fairly close together… I’ll verify.