Mounting plate thickness

I am trying to make a template for my first box and I needed the following information… can’t seem to find it :frowning:

anybody know the thickness mounting plate for the following sticks?

Sanwa JLF-TP-8T
Seimitsu LS-32-01

I wanted to see how much wood I have to route out of the top mounting plate to have the stick sit flush

Also I see that most people say the buttons (sanwa or seimitsu) can mount to maxmimum of 6mm thickness, is that true?



Size: 95x53x1.6(millimeters).

Size: 91.6x65x1.6(millimeters).

If you want it like a Vewlix you should have 23mm from plexi to bottom off balltop.

Dunno what buttons you are talkign about as there are many different buttons from Sanwa and Seimitsu.


I was referring to the screw nut type buttons, some sites list the maximum thickness of the material to be 6mm while others list it as 8mm


8 is possible. I have 6 on my webshop but I just want people to not go over it so if I would have written 8 and they have a little over it then it would not work.
If you have exact 8 then it should work.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from you today, I hope you not too swamped to send it out soon :slight_smile: (PM me if you want more details)


Thanks! I dont know what order number you have though ^_^. We order parts again tomorrow and send out in the end of the week so should be ok.