Mounting Sanwa Buttons

I apologize if this question has been asked before (did an extensive search through these forums to no avail)…how would one mount Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons to a wood panel? Is this only feasible via the Sanwa OBSF “threaded” buttons? Can anyone provide detailed photos of how they mounted both the regular sanwa obsf and the threaded versions?


You’ll need threaded for wood.

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well you could also use the snap-ins but you’d have to boar out the underside of the wood panel until you get to a thickness of about 1/8" and then it’ll snap in. however that would weaken the board, so it’d be advisable to get a plexiglass sheet to cover it and add some strength to that part.

-curses self for getting snapins for my wood panel-

you could also glue the snap-ins as well.

A while back some very clever dude from here posted a picture and explanation of how he drills the standard hole through both his wood and his plexi or lexan, and then files small spaces for both tabs into either side of the wooden hole. This way, the tabs fit in unobstructed and hold onto the top sheet but the whole button is still supported by the wood. Can’t find the thread to give you a link though.

mount it in the plexi… make sure your plexi is EXACTLY 30mm wide for the holes so the buttons dont jiggle… then just cut the little dips so the buttons will sit flush in the wood.

Can’t you just let the buttons snap to the Plexi? I’m gonna use snap-ins for a stick and I thought I’d just snap the buttons to the Plexi and make bigger holes in the 2layers below the plexi.
Or is this a bad idea?

You could, but that wouldn’t work if you plan to use the buttons as anchors to hold the plexi down. It’s a good way to do it if you don’t want ugly screws in the corners of the plexi.

If you plan to use screws anyway, then just snapping to the plexi would suffice.

I’d use screws-ins regardless. A lot less hassle, plus they’re easier to remove if ever you need to.