Mounting screws and nuts for JLF


I stripped the 4 screws and nuts on my madcatz se stick when trying to remove the mounting plate :sweat: and now I need a replacement set. Checked radio shack and home depot with no luck. Anyone know where I can pick some up?


Try a shop that handles metal & steel or somewhere that specializes in nuts & bolts.



This might be annoying, but you pretty much have to google a specialty nuts/bolts store (most cities have a few places). My local home depot/lowe’s did not have the exact nuts/bolts.

The measurements:

screw: m3, 10mm long, 0.5 pitch
nut: m3, 0.5 pitch



Go to a Home Depot, Lowes, or some hardware store, they should have these.


Damn thanks fellas, I went to all hardware stores today without these measurements and I bought all the wrong shit.


If you are looking for the screws the stick to the mounting plate, I do not recommend 10mm. I recommend 8mm. Because it seems to touch the pcb on the stick. Try small hardware shops like Ace hardware. Hobby shops will most likely have it as well, it will cost more, so use it as a last resort


10mm not good? Thanks for the info. I bought 12 screws and 12 nuts. . .cost me 1 dollar, yes 1 dollar.