Mounting Seimitsu LS-32 to Sega Versus City panel


We recently purchased a versus city cab and are trying to switch out the Sanwa sticks that came installed with new Seimitsu LS-32s. However the Seimitsu is too big to mount and the holes don’t line up with the panel. So this is probably a new guy kind of question, but I’m hoping there’s an easy answer.

Are there Seimitsu specific control panels where installing an LS-32 will be straightforward and will work on a versus city cab?


Is there a relatively painless way to mod the sticks so that they’ll work while maintaining the correct stick height?

Here’s a picture of control panel:



I’m just gonna leave this here :smiley:

And then you will need to extend the shaft a bit…

This is going to be your most cost effective solution.


what you have there is a Sanwa-made panel.

Both Seimitsu and Sanwa made panels for Sega cabinets.

both also recently discontinued production.

since it’s a versus city, im gonna assume you’d want 1L6B (1 player centered) layout. As far as I know, Seimitsu only made "Astro City’ and “Blast City” themed 1L6B. if the design doesn’t bother you, then there you go, you can find used ones of them in various places, just post wanted listings and patience i guess, they are getting harder and harder to come by. Yahoo!Auctions Japan is a good source, but you’d have to go through proxy services.

there’s also these guys, try e-mailing them. their panels are generic non sega-branded ones, but they allow for both sanwa and seimitsu to be mounted without any issues. kinda pricey though.

I THINK Jasen is also offering arcade panels, ask him about it.

if you wanna mod the panels themselves, it should be straightforward, you’d just need to undo the weld, cut or snap off the mounting bracket. then jsut make necessary holes, using the LS-32 flat RS mounting plate as a guide. use carriage bolts (similar M4 size bolts with with smooth pan head used to secure the panel) to mount it, done. The LS-32’s are meant to be mounted a bit closer/flushed to the metal panel, so no need for spacers, i’d say.

hope this was helpful.


thanks to you both.

@iNENDOi if we went that route and extended the shaft to compensate, does that change the response of the stick versus how it would mount on the correct panel?

@hibachifinal of the options you listed, the second one seems most initially promising. this is probably a dumb question, but I’ll ask it anyway to be sure - the generic panels they make, those fit in all sega cabs, right? just wanna make sure there’s not different sizes or whatever.


yeah it should fit right, they specify its astro city, but they are all the same shape/measurements.


I doubt you would notice much of a difference. Everything from the pivot down would still be the same so the engage and throw would be identical. I’ve never done this before so maybe shoot an email to and ask him how it would effect the feel of the joystick. That email address is for the owner of Paradise Arcade Shop. His name is Bryan.

@armi0024 - What say you?


the issue is. those two mounting holes, barely exceed the LS-32’s body. even if you use the universal adapter, those mounting holes on the mount plate will be covered by the blue body of the ls-32.

not saying its not gonna work, i never owned the universal plate myself, but just saying, ask someone else to try it out first, i have doubts tis all.

edit, cuz nobody will believe me. - pics

that mounting plate is for LS-5X series (VF plate), it’s meant for those sanwa panels with those two points.

tried to align it , the body covers a tiny part of the holes, maybe you can dremel the body to allow the mounting bolt’s head to fit. but yeah, its very tight.

not arguing here, just saying.


yeah my friend was just expressing the same concern to me. had some skepticism that it would fit with the blue body.


Nothing a little Dremel action can’t fix.