Mounting the joystick top panel in wood cases

I think there’s a little room for discussion here with mounting the top panels on joysticks. Personally, I’ve grown tired of using pegs in the corners of the box to hold up the top panel. I’ve seen quite a few sticks that have uneven tops (including the first stick I made! I love it to death, but it could have been better here). I successfully made a couple after that which were not slanted, but it dawned on me that there may be a better way than how I was doing it.

So, the point of this thread is to prevent people from spending a bunch of time on a stick, and then mess up on gluing a few pegs in and ruin it/have it turn out sub-par. My solution seems far too hard for what its worth, and I’d like input on other creative ways to mount the top panel (like using shelving brackets, dowel systems, etc).

I’d also like to stress that pegs by and large do work. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they are easy to mess up/do poorly. I would still recommend using pegs to someone with little or no woodworking experience.

Any improvements or personal systems people have for mounting the top panel, including methods for assuring peg-evenness, would be appreciated.

Alternate method 1: routing in holes for rails. I think the picture is self explanatory. It turned out quite nice using a dremel router with it’s nice edge guide, but it is time consuming. I think the only major bonus is that the top panel is now directly supported by the frame, and won’t shift over long periods of time with the glue.

Post your methods/improvements below.