Mounting Woes


I bought some sanwa snap ins a couple days ago, but little did I know that your supposed to mount them on a 2-4mm panel. What actually keeps you from being able to mount them deeper? I realize the tabs might have to be pushed in, but that just makes for a tight fit, right? Myabe you could just sand the lower inside of the whole? If worse comes to worst, couldn’t you just super glue the button in? If it is truly inmpossible to make sanwa snap ins fit into a 1/2 ‘’ board, I guess I’m going to have no alternative but to make a bunch of layers for the panel.


I’m kind of wondering the same thing myself, fitting Sanwas, screw in or snap ins, into 1/2" thick wood.

I dont really see a problem mountin them just by using a tight fit, as long as it doesnt interfere with button performance i see no problem in this.

Hopefully somebody will be along with more advice.


Normally if you have a piece of plexi on top, you could just knock away the wood on the panel to fit the tabs of the snap in’s then the snap in’s would clip onto the plexi. This obviously depends on the size of the plexi.

If your unsure of what I mean, check out CodeThiefs latest and first (I Think) build.

If you dont plan on using plexi or a metal panel though, im not quite so sure … something along the same lines should work.


If you really want to fit them in without working on the wood or using a top (plexi/metal) you could apply two dots of hot glue on each side of the inside of the hole, and slide them in making sure the glue is in places which don’t seep into the plunger holes.

It’s not gonna come out and should not twist about, but neither is it strong enough that you can’t push the button out from below if you even need to.


Ok cool, thx for the replies. Seeing as I’m on a buget (and I don’t know how to cut plexiglass), I think I might just glue them in.


if you glue them in use hot glue. That way you can take them out and leave the caseand buttons intact.


you should just try to get some screw in buttons. all the other ways will work but are really ghetto and may make the button/case screwed up for other button types.