Mouse like Razer Diamondback 3G


The sad day has come. My Diamondback 3G nears its end of days… Now I’m in the unfortunate position to find a new as-good mouse, since razer doesn’t produce it anymore.

I took a quick glance over the current razer mice and found none really appealing, either they have a weird form (deathadder) or have stupid side buttons or have no “separate” buttons (abyssus deathadder etc). I dislike bulky ones, ones with thumbholders (wtf is that called anyway?), too small ones, ones without 2 side buttons, wireless… let’s put it simple, I want a Diamondback 3G, but I’m forced to use another one, so suggestions for mice that are similar?


For the love of god bump. I am in the same exact position. My diamondback of many years is on its last leg and i really dont like many of the other razer mice and have a personal vendetta with logitech as everything i’ve ever owned of theirs has broken within days


im using the razer mamba wireless right now. its pretty nice. they also have a wired version, not sure what its called though.


I’ve never used a Diamondback, but this looks pretty similar

I personally use a Logitech G9x, it’s really comfortable to use and has some nice features.


logitech g400. best gaming mouse. nice shape and cheap.

EDIT: dont buy laser mouses if your used to optical mouses. there is no laser mouse without some kind of flaw at the market right now.


I went with the new Razer Taipan. Hope it’s as good as it look and from what I’ve read. Only issue are the split buttons (I hate that, looks simply retarded imo). Will report back if it’s any good. Was a bit pricey tho… well 8k+ DPI, infrared AND laser, sure looks promising. will report back when it has arrived.


Sorry to go off topic but has anybody else experienced double clicking issues with Razer mice? It seems my Deathadder 3.5G occasionally double clicks when i want a single click and is getting really annoying. I’ve only had it for about 4 months and all of a sudden it starts to do this.


sounds like a software issue. clean install your mouse driver for a start.


the taipan is VERY solid. the sides feel very different (in a good way) and the mouse might be of TE quality, in that you can throw it against a wall and it’ll survive,
the wheel is very fast and it looks like it won’t jam over the time. the buttons under the wheel are reachable, even mid fight. per default they change the DPI. speaking of which, the mouse is the most responsive i’ve ever seen. 8200 DPI is a killer - perfect for shooters. tho, it might be TOO fast, so you might need to either use a lower DPI setting or change the mouse speed through windows and/or the game you play. otherwise it’s easy to use a different DPI option for different games and programs. since it uses laser AND infrared it’s usable on both, soft and hard undergrounds. even on reflecting undergrounds (coated shiny table) it works.

it has about the same size like the diamondback. the thumb buttons are better placed in this version and easier to use. my only real gripe (next to the price) is that the normal buttons don’t have the rounded groove the diamondback and deathadder had, making the finger placement not AS comfortable. tho, the mouse looks super slick. the green LED for the back and mousewheel can be disable through the new razer synapse 2.0 software. it’ll also use a cloud save for your config, meaning that you can connect your mouse to another PC and have the same config available that you have on your home pc; if you log into your razer account.