MOV 10th Dan Sean Footage

In the attempt to bring every character higher than 10th Dan, MOV has already taken his Sean to 10th Dan.
Now only Sean and Twelve have not yet surpass 10th Dan.
Some footage of the Tokyo danisen battles featuring MOV’s Sean…

??III3rd ?? ??? 2010/04/09 part1???(9)

A little souvenir as my returning gift.

If you don’t have a niconico account, use this url and and put the video number at the end, e.g. ??III3rd ?? ??? 2010/04/09 part1 - ?? - ???

How does the old mantra go? If it seem too good to be true, it probably isn’t.


Is this a joke? It just cuts to some gay black dude talking about Elena after 5 seconds :expressionless:

Well, at least he’s partially telling the truth in that MOV’s Sean IS up to 10th Dan.

classic roshi :clapdos::clapdos:

damn, I got exited for 30 seconds

very good

just watch me play sean on ggpo. i have a legit 10th dan sean > MOV’s

Damn! I was excited

Well done :wow:


sean sucks