Move a SFIV TE (360) PCB into a blazblue TE PS3

I bought by mistake a blazblue CS fightstick TE (liked it black… didnt notice that it was PS3 only :annoy:)

problem is I do not own a PS3… now a friend of mine has a SFIV TE for 360 lying around as his 360 died. and he now owns a PS3 but has no stick

I was thinking if it will be too much of a trouble to just rip open both and exchange only the turbo panel and the controller PCB… as they both share the same stick and buttons…

how feasible can that be? will I lose the ability to use the mic?
(or will have to drill a hole in my blazblue TE to fit the conector for the mic… )


swap everything no?

mine is brand new, the other one isn’t.

I want to keep the case + art and my buttons + stick which are new as well… that why PCB + panel seems to be the way to go.

but i’m bit, entirely sure if that’s going to work out well or not

Couldn’t you just swap then art and swap sticks? I own neither stick so that may not be a good option but it seems like the obvious one to me.

edit:oh i see, one is newer.

or if someone knows of a online store that sells the PCB … that will be awesome… making a dual mod is not in my book

i meant take everything not pertaining to the buttons and stick…

turbo panel and all electronics.

That should work. You need to swap out the PCB and connectors that the button connect to, too. The layout is different on PS3, so that would likely cause problems when connected to the Xbox PCB.

you can, just swap EVERYTHING.

and you will lose mic function unless you take your time, but its easier to use the wireless mic.

seems like a plan everything but the stick and the buttons … connectors, PBC and panel are a no go then…