Move Cards?

I’m not really sure what you’d call them. Basically the strip of movesets on an arcade machine that tend to be right under the screen. Does anybody have any of them for Super Street Fighter IV? I’m going to make a mini cabinet after I get my fightstick and I wanted to have these on it, but I haven’t found any. Thanks for any help in advance.

I found this:
: but it’s too small to read and it doesn’t have the characters added to Super. So it doesn’t help me. But I need something like it, t the least.

Super quick bump. I hate to bump, but it’s been a few days, it’s not on the front page anymore, and nobody responded. Just want to make sure people see it.

I was sure someone would respond considering a member of the board reproduced the SF4 viewlex cabinet and it had the move card for SF4. If you wanted a SSF4 Move card you would have to either wait for the arcade version of the game to be released or find out as much as possible about the SF4 move card (A nice big image, what artwork they are using for character images, style and so on) and put it all together yourself.

Yes! Exactly what I need. Thanks a ton for that. X3