Move Execution Question

I am practicing the moves I read about in FAQS and the Strategy Wiki but while I jsut learn how execute fireballs, how do you execute moves that require you to do a zig zag motion while press the kick button three times like the Ashura Warp or Bison’s teleport? AlsoI know that ther eis mroe to fighting games than spamming fireballs left and right but do you know when actually executed the move correctly? I had seen some videos players executing moves and combos but I don’t if I actually doing them right or using them correctly.

The zig-zag motion is commonly called the SRK motion when using punches or the Tiger Knee motion when using kicks, and you do it by moving the stick forward, down, down-forward and then pressing punches or kicks. :f: :d: :df: :lp: :mp: :hp: or :lk: :mk: :hk:

You know if your hits are comboing if it says so (i.e. it will say 3 hit combo). You can set the training dummy to auto block and then if your moves aren’t comboing the dummy will block it.

It’s a Z motion, very common to SF games. You press your stick/controller forward, then down, then in the down-forward diagonal position. Imagine trying to draw a Z with your motions, if you’re on 1p side. The kick button three times, is pressing all 3 kick buttons at the SAME time. On a controller, this is assigned to the shoulder buttons.

What do you mean when do you know if it’s executed correctly? Are you talking about the inputs? If you’re having problems getting a special move to come out, be sure to turn on ‘input display’ in training mode options, and see what inputs you’re doing. Compare it to the inputs you NEED to do in the command list section, and from there you can figure out what you’re doing wrong. It could be your directional inputs are all wrong, or you press the buttons at the wrong time, or you press the wrong button.

As for doing cool combos, and using special moves correctly, it’s something that you’ll have to figure out through playing the game. You can watch match videos of high-level players, which will give you an idea as to how to use your moves in a safe manner, but overall you’ll have to learn for yourself when and where to do your normals and special moves, and as well as when it’s better to just block.