Move Partitioning (not charge partitioning)


I know I’ve read someone mentioning this topic before, but I can’t seem to find it on any of these threads, so I’ll just use this one to add this: along with partitioning charge, it’s also possible to partition moves. This may be common knowledge for a lot of you folks (please leave your “old” comments at the door), but there are still players that aren’t sure what can be done with it. In short, partitioning a move is to break it into "parts’ that ultimately come together when a desired button is hit. You would break the motion into parts by adding something in between, usually a normal move, sometimes with special.

The common use for it is somehwat on par with what you’d normally think of as cancelling. Fireball xx super is a prime example. You may have seen the ken combo that goes:

s.strong, s.fierce, fireball xx super.

the motion one would think is required is QCF + P, QCF (x2) + P/K, but, in actuality, you can “partition” the super motion by using the first fireball motion as the foundation for the super you plan on using. Take the first “+ P” out of the equation, and you essentially have the super motion. But you “broke” the super into pieces by adding the punch in between. This caused you to partition and put back together the move.

While this may seem like nothing to write home about, there are other possibilities for other moves. Let’s still use the shotos as an example. It’s possible to do things like c.forward, c.strong, hell, even one c.short followed by a shoryuken. This seems tricky at first, since one would think the motion would be something like

c.strong, F,D,F + punch.

But that’s where the beauty of partitioning comes in. Notice that there are two instances in that example where you have to push down: once to do the c.strong, and another that’s built into the necessary motion for shoryuken. If you’re not seeing it yet, then, what I’m getting at is that you can “break” the motion at the point where one pushes down on the joystick, and hit c.strong, while still maintaining the integrity of the Shoryuken motion. How would you do it? Like this:

F, D+strong, F + punch.

What this does is basically make the shoryuken come out instantaneously, with little gap in between, in order to consistently combo the SRK off of the c.strong. Again, this seems like peanuts, but, it has a few nice applications. Namely, with Akuma. Though I don’t want to limit this to simply Akuma, it’s more easily shown how partitioning can benefit a non-charge character.

Akuma has a move known as the demon flip (or, maybe it’s just me that calls it that, but anyway…), in which he leaps into the air and has three options: a throw, a knockdown blow, and a standard dive kick. While the move may seem at first to be rather handy, it’s value is lost by the fact that it takes a long time to start up, and that he’s incredibly vulnerable between the start and the finish of the move. What I’ve seen many players do to get around the slow start up is to throw a fierce red fireball from far away, and then leaping. This idea goes down the drain fast because of the fact that people will see through it, and can punish the akuma with something in the air. So what’s there to do? Again, let’s turn to move partitioning.

The fact that the partitioning is more of a cancel than anything else, most moves can gain a superficial sense of speed, they still have the initial start up time, but, it doesn’t seem that way when it’s quickly cancelled off of a normal. Knowing this, we can apply a slow starting special move to a slow finishing normal move to compensate. In akuma’s case, using c.strong is just the ticket:

F, D+strong, F + short (if close) then short again.

what happens as a result is that akuma will throw a slow c.strong, but quickly cancel into demon flip, which gives him the advantage of being able to move fast while the opponent is still relatively stunned. This gives akuma the advantage of being able to execute one of the three finishers while the opponent can only sit and watch.

Now, I say relatively safe because, as is the nature of 3s guard system, opponents are off of block stun almost 1/4 of the way into the demon flip, or roughly, when akuma starts the roll in the air. But along with most all strategies you’ll find, nothing is flawless. Despite the fact that this form of partitioning potentially allows akuma to unleash a salvo of c.strong, demon flip w/ dive kick finish, it’s also possible for the opponent to hit you in the middle of the air with a well timed c.fierce, for example.

So, try and be flexible and add a different normal (e.g., use c.forward instead of c.strong), or simply cancel off of a standing normal (close c.fierce, demon flip is a good example). Variety gives akuma’s move a slightly longer lifespan, and won’t limit you to simply jumping and throwing a fireball to be safe from stuff.

Again, partitioning can apply to several things. The same motion you’d do a c.forward, demon flip can make yun force the opponent to block a shoulder tackle after a c.forward, for example. Thus, allowing Yun to activate genei jin as if he’d done the s.jab, s.short, s.strong, tackle xx genei jin combo on a blocking opponent. Look for points in a move that you can add a normal and still finish a move, but be careful. Sometimes holding onto a button for too long yields results you don’t want, the same goes for over-exaggerating a motion. That’s why it’s very important that your execution be sharp and shiny. If you use ken, for example, and you try to do a combo resembling c.forward, srk, but you go a little overboard with the F,D, part, you may accidentally hit the DB direction, and perform a hurricane kick. Be careful.

Hope this helps someone. :smiley:


Nice stuff. Great for people trying to get into the game!


that’s every newbies problem with Cp ,

in fact , X-men : mutant academy2 has the easiest CP


i find it hard to bang out

back short -> standing strong -> electric snake with necro

u can hit confirm the standing strong by buffering as soon as u hit the short but i cant get it 100% does anyone know a better way to do this?


you haven’t tried …

back short -> back short -> standing strong XX electric snake …which was done by chikyu


thank you for posting that i will remeber this when I win evo and give shout outs to the nigga that found some thing that makes crouching forward to uppercut sooooo much easier to me:) :confused:


Hmm…this may help you do combos at first, but it hurt your execution in the long run. For example, you won’t be able to react to something with low forward XX shoryuken as fast if you have to hit forward first. Just learn to do the complete motion after you press down and kick. The only hard part is not pressing down-towards before the DP motion. With ryu that will result in you doing a super. Just do it like this:

down+MK, forward, down, down-towards+LP

Then after you get that down try standing short XX super with yang :stuck_out_tongue:


ye, thats hard shit in the beginning, but i bet everyone can after a couple of minutes training…

the only move i charge partition is c.lkx2… i tried to do it without it and it sometimes combos… but no luck consistently :frowning: