Move Removed?

Greetings All, Hope I am not contributing to clutter on the threads here…
Posted this in the Cammy thread, which is sparse with activity.
I am testing out a used stick I bought recently and have been trying to execute Caammy’s NON-EX ground Cannon Strike TK. I had it down in Vanilla while I was doing trials. I used a different stick, but it still won’t come out. I can do Viper’s TK Burn Kick no sweat, which is the same notation as Cammy’s.
Yet the Tk NON-EX Cannon Strike won’t execute. I’ve checked my input displays and everything.
What’s Up w/ That?!

They removed her ability to TK nonEX Canon Strikes in AE.

Thanks Killer Jiggly Puff.
It must have been abused or not used in Vanilla, or conflicted with her other moves.
Edit: I’m not intending to main Cammy, just testing out the stick to make sure it works. :wink:

It was most definitely abused. I kind of miss it. It was insanely fun to play Cammy with that TK air cannon spike.