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I don’t blame you. But percentage-wise you just got unlucky. The average person has to buy 4 X-Boxes so far. You can go whichever way you wish, I just see a PS3 as the obvious choice for what it brings to the table.

Bison/Blanka as usual. Might try out Yun/Yang just for kicks, but I rock charge 4 lyfe.

Yun doesn’t really have an issue with safe jumps. His DP is already hard to punish if you block it or if he whiffs. He’s safe jumpable because he doesn’t have a 3 frame DP, but 90% of the cast is as well. Yun still has all the tools he needs to rape. Block the safe jump, back dash, ex lunge punch and you get free pressure.

New converters coming in will allow PS2 -> PS3 or 360 (360 requires wired controller passthrough but you can get those for like $5-10).

Eh, I’d rather not argue this because console wars get messy, but 90% of the PS3 owners I know (20-30+ people) have had either their Blu Ray drive go out, YLOD, or some other problem. Approximately the same percentage of people have had problems with the 360. The only problem is… 360s have 4 year warranty on RROD. PS3s have 1 year warranty total. Not saying 360s don’t have design problems. They obviously do. However, saying that the average 360 user has had to buy 4 360s is a huge exaggeration. If you bought the launch unit, used up its warranty, and then bought another unit, its warranty would still be in effect today.

54% failure between the 6-12 month mark was an accurate statistic for the launch models. I agree that Microsoft did an amazing job in changing their warranties due to the problem and getting people another system. I just know that at work and not, I’ve seen a handful of broken PS3s vs truckloads of broken broboxes. If you plan to go SSFIV though, I hear its better for that game. I don’t want to start up a war on here, just thought I’d throw my bit in on the whole next gen thing.

360 ventilation design was stupid and they run very hot. However, during the winter time the 360 doubles as a heater. Can’t beat that.

tourney re scheduled to july 9th

That’s beside the point I was making. With time and freedom (being able to jump in training mode without having to pay money each time) strategies will be developed to counter the Triad. Safe Jumps is one of the things discovered out of the potential many that will arise after the AE launch. The Twin are good, but aren’t broken, otherwise they wouldn’t be tournament legal.

And Max, your PS3 knowledge is clearly based on your own experience and shouldn’t be used as fact is a fact based argument.

I could retort (even though it is true) I’ve own 4 different 360 and 3 different PS3. 3 of my 360’s red ringed or with through DRE while none of my PS3’s ever had issues. First one I sold for rent during college, second i traded in for the PS3 slim. Almost everyone on my Live FL from the Midwest has had their 360 RROD on them at least once yet none of my PS3 freinds yet to have PS3 issues.

But that is also based on experience and not overall facts. The overall facts has the 360 overall having more issues than the Wii or PS3 combined in their lifetimes.

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Yun is strong. I have no doubt in my mind he’ll be top tier at the end of AE’s lifetime. That being said, he’s not unstoppable or anything. Otherwise people wouldn’t say he has bad matches against some of the grapplers and dictator (among other characters). Hell, even the Yun mirror match seems to be 7-3 for the person who has momentum.

As for PS3 <-> 360, there is no fact-based argument. Andrew Prime was talking about his experience with them. Bloodwolf was talking about his experience with them. I was talking about my experience with them. The only “facts” are random numbers that Bloodwolf threw out there with no citation.

Edited out the rest because this isn’t an argument worth having. We can do this via PMs if you’re really interested in continuing.

Nope. I can’t exactly go fishing for links on my phone nor do I really want to continue it. Different strokes for different folks…and the same strokes from different folks, its all the same…relatively. Sleeping now with no necessary stroking…cya.

5,000 units is an awfully low sample size. Here’s a report with over 16,000 units along with my edited out message:

If you want to use “facts” then here’s an article from research done
in 08-09 (so it’s heavily weighted towards launch units):
which lists the 360 as having a ~24% failure rate (~13% RROD + ~11%
"other) which is reduced to slightly higher than PS3 levels when you
exclude RROD (4 year warranty). This is nowhere near 50+% failure rate
quoted above.

I guess the problem is… I get my 360. It breaks 2, 3, or 4 times
(within 4 years) and it still gets fixed. I get my PS3 and it breaks
once. I better hope that it breaks within the first year because
otherwise I’m paying $150 to get my system fixed whereas I can use
that money and buy a brand new 360. Sure the 360 failure rate is (or
was?) much higher, but at least I’m “insured” for a few more years.
I’d rather take inconvenience and security in this situation.[/COLOR]

You do realize that is still more than it’s two rival’s combined right; in which was what I originally said. The links I provided were the citations for Jerrod’s “random” 54% number. And 20 to 10 is more than a “slight” difference.

Edit: And there was no need to repost your edit, since I saw it when you originally posted it. Thus, why I replied with the links.

Except that PS3s are more expensive and have worse netplay quality, plus an adapter is like 20 bucks, plus ps2 pads are better than PS3 pads anyway, and that’s before the whole hacking thing comes up. Failure hasn’t been a significant problem with the 360 post-jasper, though it was certainly a very major problem prior to that. Not trying to be evangelist since my opinion is that both systems suck, just in different ways. Just saying that “he’s a ps2 pad gg player” is not a good reason to choose a ps3 specifically. PS3 pad may not be as much of a compromise as the 360 pad, but it’s still a compromise…and the standard pads aren’t Evo legal anyway.A better reason would be getting a good blu-ray player, playing on the Evo game system, compatibility with the lag-free hori add-on monitor, something like that.

My question is, when did he even say he was going to get a current gen system? Unless I missed it, I only saw he say he had finally decided to make an account for SRK, then Panda mentioned something about him training in that Super, then the console wars started.

Sticking with Zangief. Gonna be piledriving twins all day, every day. :slight_smile: I tried playing Yun & Yang in 3S and I prefer Chun and Ibuki…

I’ve had my PS3 since… 2008? Basically got it for MGS4 and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I’ve been bringing my PS3 to game nights regularly and it’s yet to give me any issues. Watch, it’ll explode as soon as I post this.

UPDATE: Nope, no explosions.

Sup guys hope you are having an awesome weekend, here is my youtube page… Yall should check it out, and give me some feedback. Also I am interested in getting into streaming for when me and seel have meetups at his house.

I don’t know why we are even debating the PS3-360 thing here, the answer should be common knowledge, it’s pretty one sided. Someone would have to be nievely biased to not be able to comprehend the facts that are apparent in everyone’s first hand accounts and in conducted studies.

Anyway, I do not agree with Giovanni at all, real talk, sometimes broken tiers are played in tournies and never banned. Jin in Tekken 4 is a monster, good priority, a 1b launcher that didn’t need counter hit to launch and led to a 60-65% EASY BNB juggle, then a forced wakeup mixup game, that will lead to death if guessed wrong once, and the laser scrapper just frame being an insanely easy to do, but it was a very hard to sidestep unblockable launcher that lead to that same 60-55% BNB juggle. Oh yeah, Jin’s parry stayed out for 20 frames, but was only punishable for 2 frames, and parry could be followed up with a launch into BNB juggle. Hmm his 2,1 gave him a 3 frame advantage on block and a 8 frame advantage on hit. Just tons of retarded crap like that.

Man, I sound like a hater, I still love you guys though (no homo)

Sometimes does not mean I am wrong and it’s just that the community as a whole felt the character have didn’t have mechanics that “broke” the game. It’s seems that throughout all of the crying, whining, scrubbing, and such, people forgot the real meaning behind “broken” and placed it together with the same meanings as “cheap” or “really strong”. Wasn’t Akuma banned in ST due to his Fireball game breaking the game? And Justice was definitely banned in Guilty Gear. In Melty Blood: AA, Archtype Earth is banned due to her being able to literally beat almost everything you do with her 2A and 5A.

Broken = Something that literally “breaks” the game, not something that is considered “cheap”.