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As long as you pick us back up, then it’s all good. You also said the same thing about Tulsa too.

Lol. Alright. I wouldn’t drive back to Tunica but maybe there’s a casino near the venue…

I have access to the arktourney twitter. I sometimes post on it on accident because it’s linked on my phone. I can tweet on it if you want. I’m a twitter monster these days.

And looks like I can’t go to cinderslam. I may be able to go to that NWA tourney for SFxT. I feel pretty strong in that game after this weekend. Too bad nobody will play it. Unless something drastic is changed in it.

I’m down for Cinderslam.

I can definitely drive to Cinderslam. I can give gas estimates later. Pack lightly for it (NO SUITCASES LIKE LAST TIME). I’ll be bringing some monitors to help with tournament setups. You guys can bring setups if you want; I believe there’s a discount if you do so but I’m not sure.

I recommend all of you guys post in this thread with the key phrase if you want free Sanwa button silencers: Sanwa Silencers

just wanted to flaunt my evo ribbon, after all i did pay 70 bucks for it

nice touch this year

Boooo, dislike this man!

9 hours is far as fuck for a non major

Nah 12 hours maybe, but not 9 hours

now come play some games tonight to practice for Evo.

Oh man, there’s an official EVO stick this year…there goes $150. I’ve got the official eSports stick, now I need the real one.

Also who wants to give me a ride to Conway tonight?

Also, I bought Marvel 2 for the iPhone today. The good news is that it looks exactly like Marvel 2 on the dreamcast. The bad news is that it controls the way that you’d expect it to. Terrible.

Where is meet up?

Max, you aren’t saying anything about hosting, not available this week? I’m fine with hosting every Wednesday, but I thought we were trying for a more even split between Conway/LR. So, meetup at my place, 6:30 unless anyone else wants to.

AJ, if you need some gas money I can throw you 15-20 bucks. I like it when people show up :tup:

I need gas money… can you throw like 150-200 pesos my way?

I shall bring the SEX.

I can throw you one 1980’s peso for gas money.

Aight, we in there.

Can anybody who lives close to Maxx and is also coming stop by his place and grab my monitor and backpack?

If anyone wants to get some games in early today, hit me up. I’m off all day and don’t have shit to do.