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My father and I have successfully constructed an MAME arcade cabinet for the house. All we have left to do is purchase and install the buttons, sticks, monitor, etc. and paint the cabinet. The PC I’m using for the machine has a crap-load of fighting games. Right now, I’m looking for the pieces of artwork (to print out) that show the moves for each fighter for each fighting game (the ones that usually show up on bezels). Is there a site that has a collection of these move lists so that I can download them and print them out on the appropriate sized paper to tape to visible areas of the cabinet?

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P.S. Here are the (playable) fighting games that I have on my MAME PC :):

Art of Fighting (the series)
Fatal Fury (the series)
Street Fighter 1, 2 (all versions), Alpha (all 3 games), EX (all), and 3 (all versions)
Tekken 1 & 2 (I wanted to include Tekken 3 and Tag, but the computer wasn’t powerful enough)
Marvel Super Heroes
X-Men: Children of the Atom
King of Fighters '94 to 2003
Virtua Fighter 1
Killer Instinct 1 & 2

You mean instruction cards? Check up mame resources as there is a database online somewhere that carry instruction cards
As well as Marquees and Cabinet Fliers

Google Mame resources.

I can’t give you more information as Mame image resources dip into the same field as downloading roms, which is frown on SRK.

No mvc2!!? Boo this man!

Check out

MvC2 couldn’t work on my computer (unfortunately). Thanks for the links.