Movelist of Strider in MvC1



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These are Strider’s special moves. Know that all of his moves have a
specific use at a certain time. Don’t just do them randomly or else you’ll
get killed.

Legion Attack = down, down + forward, forward + any kick button
Strider makes a leopard fly out and go running across the screen.

Ghram = forward, down, down + forward + any button
Strider takes his sword and does a slash that reaches almost all the way
across the screen. Punches make it slash high, kicks make it slash low.

Ame No Murakamo = down, down + forward, forward + any punch button
Strider runs across the screen and takes a slash with his sword. The punch
button used will determine how far he runs before taking a slash with his

Vagula = down, down + back, back + any kick button
Strider disappears and reappears and does a kick downwards. The kick
button used determines where on the screen Strider will reappear.

Teleport = back, down, down + back + any button
Strider teleports. Kind of like Vagula but without the kick. The button
used determines where Strider will reappear.

Ragnorak = down, down + forward, forward + any button
Strider does an air dash and attacks with his sword while dashing. The
button used determines where Strider will dash. (This move can only be used
in the air.)

Bomb Drop = hold back for 2 seconds and then push forward + any kick button
Strider calls out an eagle that flies across the screen and drops a bomb.
This move causes very good damage and cannot be blocked in a crouched
position. The button used determines how far the eagle flies before
dropping the bomb.

Slide = down + forward + HK
Strider does a quick little slide on his side. (This move goes under
projectiles and other stuff.)

Note: I may have forgotten some other special moves.

These are Strider’s super moves.

Ouroboros = down, down + forward, forward + 3 punches
Strider makes these two little things that revolve around him and protect
him from attacks. Slam on the punch buttons to make rings shoot out. Or go
near the opponent and slam on all the buttons to hit the opponent and have
the little things hit him at the same time. If your opponent keeps blocking
try to trip him to open him up and if he blocks low, then jump a little to
hit his head. Or you can also open him up by doing a small jump over him.

Legion = down, down + forward, forward + 3 kicks
Strider calls out a whole bunch of birds and leopards that attack the
opponent. Nice chipping damage. (Hold up to make the birds fly higher.)

Ragnorak = forward, down, down + forward + 3 punches
Strider runs about halfway across the screen and if the opponent is open,
Strider will grab him and bring up into the air. In the air, Strider will
slash him a couple times. (This move has great damage potential but is very
hard to connect.)

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(From GameFAQS)