Movement during Ibuki's SA1 while still in super freeze?

I searched and couldn’t find anything about this, so I’m posting.

Tonight while a couple friends and I were playing on the PS2 version of 3S, an odd glitch occurred. Ibuki had Makoto in the corner and went up for a SA1 for the chip of death. During the super freeze, however, Makoto simply walked under Ibuki. None of us know how it happened and none of us remember doing anything out of the ordinary. Only things we remember of it:

– Ibuki was on the right, Makoto was in the left corner
– Ibuki MIGHT have done a normal Kunai and cancelled into the SA1. We don’t remember.
– Makoto did not do any special or EX moves beforehand or activate a super
– Makoto walked under Ibuki. We’re pretty sure she didn’t dash beforehand, but we know she walked under.

mopreme and kamui made a video displaying the glitch. the filename i have is mopeskamui3sglitch.avi

try searching for it on #gamecombos or combovideos or gfb

Makoto probably parried the regular dagger the instant Ibuki canceled into the super which causes the super-not-so-freeze glitch.

No. Screw mopreme. You guys discovered the greatest glitch in history.

Much obliged, you two. I figured it wasn’t anything new, but I was at least interested in how it happens. Creeped the hell outta us. Thanks for the heads-up on the video, will have to check it out.

Fixed. Jerkoff.

DITOO…but it was Ibuki vs Urien and it happend 6 month ago hahaha =)

I really did go jerk off after that.

I’ve had this happen to me before. How exactly do you get it to work? Mopremes video shows it butdoesn’t expalin how to do it.

Well I found his thread about it using google cliched pages.

Anyone know where to download the video other then irc? I can’t find it.