Moves List for Blandia FINALLY available!


I personally love this game. I will be posting the moves lists for several other overlooked and obscure fighters for the arcade.

This game was very innovative for a 1992 fighter, SF2 was only a year old and this game tried its best to be different. Not to mention the way you perform the magic spells is ridiculous and i have never seen a fighting game make you do a move the way this game does.

Too bad special moves are very hard to pull off in the heat of battle this game would have been great instead of just average. Great 2 player game though.


I don’t know, man. I’ve just YouTubed this game to see gameplays and I was like, “…this is ugly”. Maybe I’ll download it for MAME one day and try it out. Looks really crappy though. Almost like SVC Chaos crappy.


Well it came out in 1992 so dont expect it to be mind blowing.

For its time it was extremely innovative since it came out just one year after the original SF2

It tried to do things different than the rest of the street fighter clones… it could have been great if it werent for the music and difficult special moves.


I ran across this site several years ago when I first played the game on Mame. Even though its in Jap, it was a pretty nice find considering gamefaqs or practically any site didn’t have anything on this game at the time.

I’m not so good at the game, but I’ll play you in some games on Kaillera if you want.

McGill is top tier.


Yeah I have all the moves on that site plus more all in english on Gamefaqs now.

McGill is missing like 3 moves on that japanese website you posted.