Moves most prone to meaty hits on wake up?


On a wake up what are the worst moves (reversal) to do in the game (i am talking universal here) that will be countered by a meaty hit?

Also in particular can people please tell me the worst moves that can be beaten by a meaty hit with these chars:
Ken (I am thinking DP here)

cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

Also do properties of attacks change when I roll out, i.e. is my reversal more likely to connect?


seems like a question begging for a frame data analysis! I’ll leave that to our local frame celebrity, Exodus…

But seriously, why do you want the worst wakeup moves to do against meaty attacks? Don’t you want the best? I didn’t catch the point of your question…

I mean, Urien can do a tackle as he’s waking up. Any meaty will beat that. How will that make you better though?



no, what I am asking, and i will take your Urien example, is what moves should not be done on wake up because they are beaten by meaty’s on wake up. You have mentioned what will be beaten which is what I was looking for, but I would like to know more moves that should not be done so that I don’t get a slap as soon as i get up. I mean you have got the gist of what I am asking so it is all good.


Right, and I’m saying that you should ask what moves Urien SHOULD do against meaties instead of what he shouldn’t. Okok, it amounts to the same thing.

Something you should consider with beating meaties is to parry ->retaliate. More risky than just doing a dragon punch, for example, but also more damage if you parry -> strong fierce super.

For Urien, a good meaty to my knowledge will beat any of his special moves on wakeup. His counter for meaties is parrying into the low fierce. Otherwise block.

Oh, ex aegis, even while coming out in 1 frame, still loses to meaties. You essentially need something with invicibility frames, like Tyrant Slaughter.

The other chars I won’t comment on.

Logically, quickrising does not affect your wakeup priority.


lol jblaze! frame data is fun :smiley: although meaty attacks will beat out everything i believe. it’s just a matter of human error. most moves will only have a few frames for hit detection. if you wake up and the move is in the hit frame, you’ll get hit. now from the wakeup perspective, if you wake up and immediately execute – if you have no invincibility, you’ll get hit. now if you DID have invincibility, i wouldn’t know whether or not 3S registers execution first or hit frames first. judging from reversal attemps/failures, i think it registers attacks before executions. but hey, it just could be human error. who knows…i’m no japanese expert :lol:


I think the game registers executions before attacks in case of invincibility. But yeah, few specials will actually beat meaties on wake-up (in this case, Dudley’s EX Uppercut and Ken’s EX and fierce DPs on reversal should work). Generally people get hit when they try to stuff meaties because they use the wrong moves or miss the reversal window.


actually, i think you’re right BK – the game registers execution before it’s hit check. however, when executed at frame 0, the move doesn’t come out til frame 1. by that time, you’re hit at frame 0 – so a reversal attempt was made, but it got stuffed. we’re probably going to have to run some tests…supers might be an exception? shrugs


Yes, a reasonable explanation why an EX aegis gets stuffed sometimes. As well, Chun Li’s hoyoukusen will for a fact get stuffed on a good meaty.

But I doubt that a shinshoryuken will EVER get stuffed. Hell, Ryu can shinsho through an Aegis!!! Blow right through your stupid meaty at frame 0.

**yay for me, I knew Exodus would bring frames to the discussion…


yes! frames, wonderful wonderful frames, god bless:lol: :frowning: