Moves that are missing from characters that could be included


Alot of characters lack many moves in this from their earlier incarnations for example
Magneto’s E-M Pulse
Sentinel’s Plasma Storm projectile and that weird pursuit attack he had
Silver Samurai’s teleport
Wolverine’s healing factor
Psylocke’s multiple ninja attack
Akuma’s demon flips
Morrigan’s astral vision, finishing shower, cryptic needle

In your opinion should any of these moves be included or any others that I didnt mentioned I kinda wanted Magneto’s and Sentinel’s but at the same time I guess they would be way too good I donno maybe I’m wrong…


I thought wolverine did have healing factor?


give chun li back her air kick super from MVC1 and she’d be played SO much more. have strider’s orbs be as long as MVC1, the trap would be a lot easier. i’m sure the person who’d benefit the most (i believe) would be thanos. he was pretty crazy in marvel super heroes.


morrigan’s eternal slumber too


No, he doesn’t. That was a move Wolvie had in COTA that allowed him to regain some health at the cost of meter.

I wish that Chun-Li still had her air Raging Demon-style move from MvC1, and she just in general needs to do more damage. Morrigan also needs Eternal Slumber back; it may have been worthless, but it was sexy. Those other Morrigan moves that you listed are VS moves, not Mv moves. She doesn’t need them. Anakaris needs his side switching back-dash again, though. It would also be cool if all DS characters still had their Pursuits.

Thanos is missing two supers, Mind and Time. But those supers were totally broken, and he only had them 'cause he was a boss character. If he still had those in MvC2, he would be way too good. He’d probably have to be banned from tourneys. Mind reversed the opponent’s controls and Time either sped him up or slowed the opponent down, I forget which.


I wasn’t talking about MVC1 I was talkin’ about anygame as far as moves go for MVC2 characters but yeah THANOS owned in MSH


felicia’s air juggle from dark stalkers, where after a launch she looks like she turns to a ball and she keeps on bouncing on you.

(kinda like soul calibur’s talim: B, B, hold forward K, K K K)


Are you talking about her pursuit?

Anakaris’ Reverse Warp. He would have been hella better if he still had it.


i want chun-li’s stomp link to combo like in MVC1…also wolverine’s stomp kick link to combo or c.fierce>berserker barrage X…


Iceman shouldve had that anti-air thing (like Hulk’s Gamma Quake) he had in MvC1 as an assist. He couldve had something like that as a super too, he wouldve been a lot better.

If thanos was the same as MSH, he would be unstoppable, because I dont think you could mash out of the bubble on that one. . . . everyone would get 0//n3d sooo hard. bubble infinite to death, new point comes in to a fresh Thanos w/ meters that could screw up your blocking with Mind and get you into the bubble infinite again…He’d be more godly than storm. Damn, I’d play him/xx/xx and always win, LoLz MST 4 life!!


thanos is slow as fuck. he’d still be owned. :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re a funny man.

Thanos had a super that slowed the opponent down and a super that reversed the opponent’s controls. That’d fuck anyone up. Factor in a Bubble that can’t be mashed out of, and you just lost at the select screen.


Nah, youd still be able to just run from thanos all day. Those supers wouldnt help that much, but having back all his fast ass normals from MSH would. Oh and giving him an airthrow lol.

Anakaris should be able to eat otg’s like in darkstalkers. So when mag gets you with psy assist you can eat his low short.


Yo Guys post the moves.

I never knew Sam had a teleport?

Damn nice

Teach me dis shit. + teach me the other cajun slash that gambit throws sideways. He has 3 -.-. Dunno how to do it.



In MSH, Dr.Doom’s Photons and Molecular Shield couldn’t be nullified; kinda like Storm’s Typhoon.:o


How about giving Rogue all her power steals? This one got quite the discussion on back in the day :slight_smile:

coughcapcom was lazycough



I think it had to do wit memory I unno but some other moves I’d like is Psylocke’s multiple ninja power up, Thanos’ rock projectiles and his fire move where he stomps the ground and his slow down move. Anakaris could prolly use his projectile swallow & vomit.






i’m just curious, but IS there a MvC3 coming out…ever? i remembered for awhile capcom just kept on spitting out shit. SFturbo, super, super turbo, alpha1-3, whatever. but it’s been a long ass gap if they’re planning on working MvC3. just curious.

PS: i know those pics of Mvc3 aren’t real, i’m curious if they really are going to make it though.