Moves that Give the Best Feeling

Hitting the enemy while they are landing with Ryu’s lunge kick after a Shin Shoryuken gives the sweetest feeling that the game can offer.
Feels like striking a baseball sweet, clean out of midair and into the distance.

I love Roshi

all homo

Ken’s kara uppercut after landing one mid-screen.

It’s even better after the air EX tatsu to uppercut scenario.

after denjin stun,


Landing C&DB. Any time. Ever. Best feeling.

Landing Dudley’s SA 1 after parry or counter poke into combos.

anti air headstomp reset crossups with chun: the sweetest candy

What is C&DB?

That is part of the reason we don’t get new players, btw. They don’t understand the information provided and don’t know where to start looking.


And new players are automatically going to know what kara uppercuts are?

Landing a Dudley fierce is always pretty fun.

But for me probably ending a Dudley juggle with LK BSB into SA3. Looks like it hurts.

Alex’s st.fierce just as someone tries to jump out of the corner.

Triple tatsus :stuck_out_tongue:

gigas breaker

Roundhouse axe kick anti-air. Dat knockdown.

Let me google that for you

Let me google that for you

I didn’t even check to see the results. I’m not assuming they’re brain dead idiots who have never touched SF, I’m assuming they’ve played sf2 and know some fight terminology. kara might be new, but adding it to an uppercut gives them something to go off of.

Not trying to put you on blast and embarrass you in front of your friends but I am instead advocating a more welcoming environment for scrubs without having to hold their hands the whole way through. It’s not like finding the ampersand on a fucking keyboard is easier than simplifying C&DB down to _______ (I still don’t know what it is.) or Shoryuken down to uppercut. It’s the reason I stopped using dp. I know it makes it sound cooler when you’re talking sf out in public but even this public forum can be considered private enough that anyone outside of the community won’t purposely stumble in here and read.

This is what I type when I use an ampersand (no corrections being shown) %(^& FOUDN YOU MOTHERFUCKER

Oh and Urien standing fierce on a low forward happy shoto.


Completing Brian’s Command grab

Oh wait different game…

Q’s SA 2 with a follow up of 2 taunts.

best avatar ever

“Capture and Deadly Blow”.

Now you and all the other scrubs know what it means. :wink:

I R not scrub. I own you. I just not weeaboo. I call hadoukens fireball.