Moves uses


  • Just wanted to know if people found any uses for the forward mk and forward HK with ken ?

  • Another question I’ve trained for hours and I can’t land back mk over head to super. ( I’ve tried hard on mame emulator, GGPO FBA, 3SOE, no way to land it )

I can do almost every combo I need with him but not this one. I’ve read the opponent need to be crouching, but that the only tip I have.

Is this character specific ? Is there a special trick to do it ?

The opponent has to be crouching. You can also link super with forward HK if theyre crouching too
Just keep training bro, remember it’s a link and not a cancel, so you have to find the right timing, if you play on stick also drum all the kick buttons for making the link easier to get

in 1 hours I did it once.

So, in order to do it, you have to wait for the two hit to land and then do the super…

Edit : Ok I can land it consistantly now. Back mk and forward HK to super.
So the trick was to let the move’s animation end, and do the super right after. Thanks for telling me about it being a link vandar. That’s great. overhead mk to super will add a plus for sure to my game.
But what about forward HK to Super ? How to use it ?

You’d better to not use it at all, it’s piss easy to parry.

F+HK is what people do on accident when they’re trying to do walk-up HK. Useless move.

In my case it’s when I over shoot the motion on a kara uppercut.

Ok, i’m not the only one to this move by accident. That move and too.

So HK is as useless as ? Shhh

Ok now I can do it consistantly. But I have one more pb. I’ve set the dummy to auto block but sometime when I do the back mk to super, that will only register 9 hits ( shinpu is 9 hits ) but the dummy don’t block it. Does it combo or not ?

it will do stuff like that sometimes. it doesn’t count if the combo doesn’t show the right amount of hits :confused:

for links like that remember to drum the buttons. so after the hits, do the 2xqcf motion and drum your fingers across all the kick buttons. makes it almost impossible to miss the link.

this game is dead… lets go back playing sf4, persona, tekken tag 2, thats whats going on…

Nah bro, MvC3 is where it’s at.

If you are playing it on OE or the ps2 version training mode, it could just be that you are trying to the dummy for post death damage. That is to say you are not letting the dummy recover its health. For some reason the console versions don’t register combos after the health has been depleted.

MattXChin and Pherai are right, though. You guys should be playing all the good games!

I know this is late, but I don’t check many of the character specific forums anymore as you can’t easily track the new activity… = (

With regards to what you said, another funny thing stemming from this issue is that a dummy, or CPU (or even you) cannot block specials or supers after their life is depleted, they can only parry, so he may have mistimed it, but since the dummy cannot block with zero health, the combo drops, but SA3 still hits, causing the 9 hits he saw. Since they don’t parry a high majority of the time, you can essentially loop specials that cause knockdown. Useless knowledge, but it’s a bit entertaining if you feel like constantly hitting moves like Dangerous Knee.

This actually might be what I was referring to. Not too much sleep these days.