Moves which reference/parody other fighting games

Occasionally in newer fighting games, you’ll find special moves which mimick famous or well-known fighting game attacks intentionally or for either comedy value (typically in doujins) or to pay homage. Almost the entire cast of Eternal Fighter Zero is guilty of this, as well as some characters in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (Sawako has several Blazblue references within her moveset) and even Tatsunoko vs Capcom, which has some sly indirect references to other Capcom games, such as Yatterman-2’s Otomachama summon using E-honda’s moves.

There’s probably plenty I don’t know about. I’m curious to see what other moves do this in other games, and what do people think about them? Is it acceptable and amusing or is it just cheap?

Megaman X could throw hadoukens and do shoryu’s in the snes games. And Megaman has a shoryu in the VS series as well.

Magmar Dragoon has akumas move set and prayer beads.

Zangief apparently stole mike haggars spinning pile driver or something, maybe it was the other way around, move could have been the lariat.

Everyone knows Dan is a gag take on SNKS Ryo being blatantly based on Capcoms Ryu, But now Dans sf4 self has the Haoh Gadoken or whatever which is a hilarious version of Ryos super fireball.

That one teacher in rival schools has all of the shoto moves but kinda toned down (like just a spinning hop instead of full on TORNADO KICK, YEA)

Ash Crimson is like a gayer version of Remy who is a fagged up french version of Guile. Guiles moves have been ripped off maybe more than shoto moves by other companies.

Fighters History feels like a weird version of ST where everyone traded moves around for a while.

The amount of shoto-related (any combination of fireball, shoryu, tornado kick) characters that have been playable in SF (including Alpha and EX series) : 11. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dan, Sakura, Evil Ryu, Allen, Kairi, Sean, Sagat and Gouken

Sho from Breakers is my favorite Shoto-clone.

Morrigan and Lilith and basically shotos too, and they will never get new sprites so I vote morrigan for most re-hashed character of all time

In conclusion, Capcom are self referrencing bastards but we all love it because it shows they care (kinda, re-using the shoto formula is almost the opposite)

Lol wow, I didn’t know enough about KoF to know that Ash took cues from Guile. I guess I’ve seen many MANY flash kick and sonic boom style moves in various other games. Flash kicks seem to be a good alternative for shoryukens that don’t want to look like shoryukens.

Hanzo Hattori’s Poisonous Dragon super (SS3,4) combines the ideas from Heidern’s Neck Rolling and Heidern End, while his SS4 fatality, and his Explosive Attach move (which is also incorporated in Gale Shuriken Dissruption super) from 3D games basically refer to the Heidern End super.

Hanma Yagyu’s Mountain Tremor (SS64) is basically Ralf’s Galactica Phantom

Enja.Kazuki’s Insanity Awakening super (SSAZ) works similarly to Duck King’s duck dance super (Results in energy-gathering pose -that can stun nearby opponent- instead of attack, after that you take your pick from several followups that have separate commands)

Yuga’s Naraka soul-pulling grab (SSAZ) is basically the same as Orochi’s Supreme Divinity