Moves you can superjump cancel?

First off, thanks to Thongboy for the Using 360’s to do super-jump cancels info in your vid, but I have a quick question… what all moves can be SJ canceled? Like Chuns close roundhouse etc…

Just curious, Thanks.

Yun and Yang’s close s.Foward.

the laucher?

Yea =]


Oro’s close s. strong.

Ibuki’s c. fierce.

that’s all i can think off aside from the ones mentioned.

Uh oh. Don’t let Thongboy see this thread.

Twins: close forward
Ibuki: close RH, far RH, low fierce
Tweleve: close forward (also super cancelable)
Oro: close strong (either hit) (also special and super cancelable)
Chun Li: close RH, Houyokusen (last hit)
Makoto: fukiage, Abare (last hit)

I think u can super jump cancel into Messatsu Gou-Hadou

You think wrong.



Slim, he probably thinks that the “tiger-knee” motion to do Tenma Gou Zankou = super jump cancelling. kinda like when Ibuki players bust out Kasumi Suzaku immediately after her command dash (qcf + K).

The move ur talking about is not a super jump cancel since Akuma cant cancel any move of his into a super jump.

Haha, mook. I’m too lazy/busy to finish the JC video now.

N - Jump-cancelling pwnz0rz!

What’s the specific amount of time you have to cancel the super jump into special/super?

Usually you have until the move is almost completely over, although the timing may vary depending on what you’re trying to get done. Of course, if you’re trying to bust a super right after a jump cancel, you have to do it immediately so the feet never leave the ground. Just spin the stick as fast as you can, seriously, it helps.


yeah like thongboy said, typically you press the button then immediately go down-up or d/b-u/f, timed as if you were tapping 3 buttons for a chain.

I was specifically wondering what is the exact amount of frames per second you have before it is too late to cancel the super jump. IIRC, BillyKane’s SJCing for temporary unthrowable specials thread said it was three frames? However, what you gave me looks like a good heuristic, which I will keep in mind when I get a stick, cuz I play on a pad.

Thanks for the tip.

I do a 135 motion for SJCing QCF motions and 225 for supers like Yun’s GJ.

I just have a hard time doing stuff like mk launcher xx palm strike, cuz I could never tell when to press punch. Yet I can do xx PS 40% of the time in NG and 2i, I can do SJC specials 60% of the time in CvS2, but I can do SJC specials zero percent of the time in 3s. Man…:bluu:

I have never in my life heard of jump-cancelling specials in 3s, and you can quote me on that.

N - Who the hell counts frames per second?

Here’s a small tid bit about it. You can read the rest in the original thread, HERE.

I asked to get an idea of how fast is it suppose to be, mostly to compare it to doing RCs, but it doesn’t matter. Just doing that shit before they leave the ground works fine. =)

KT has the superjump frames for every character in the tables section, i suggest you look there for whatever character you’re interested in since they are different.

BK is talking about cancelling a super jump animation into a special move.

Thongboy i think is talking about cancelling an special into a super jump.

So everybody is right :slight_smile:

Only the terminology sucks… I think one must talk about super jump cancelling FROM or INTO a move.

e.g. Yun jumps cancel from standing fwd into genei jin