Moves you never see coming

List the ones you get caught with, when used sparingly and wisely by the opponent…

1.) Urien’s headbutt
2.) Alex’s stomp
3.) Oro’s EX Air stomp

im daigo bitch. i see everything

i’m blind so i never see any of the moves coming

jump in close at grap range ex shoryu, I dont have enough people doing this to me to yet register it to my muscle memory.

Pretty much anything that hits me.

But especially the Kokujin, jumping RH to EX uppercut after landing.

Fricking Necro’s command overhead.

good because you should never get hit by that.

on topic: dud’s twd+rh

Tell that to Kashi

EX Oroshi FTL… hell even LP Oroshi to super gets me sometimes.

I suck At 3S =[



alex ddt, i always try to high parry it on reaction for some reason.

I have a friend who plays Ken, and for some reason, he always pulls out a naked SAIII or uses it after a blocked hit. It’s so different that it sort of weirds me out and I end up getting hit by it.

Also, for some reason Q’s Capture -> Reset -> Capture ALWAYS gets me. I always parry on landing because I expect a hit to come out, and I just get gripped again.

Dudleys f+RH or jump-in BSB

Kens back-dash (throw bait), sa3

Oros air kicks right before he lands, I always eat that shit and a 50% combo =(

Yuns command grab in GJ (lol)

and 90% of the times, whatever that beats throws after a jump-in (random shoryus, ex headbutt, bsb, super) im too throw happy =(

90% I eat almost all over-heads too unless they are telegraphed, but from I watch on videos Im not the only one xD

If it’s the EX one…I agree if its the regular one shame on you.


  1. Dudleys F+HK

  2. Shoto short short

4.Elenas throw

Well, most of the time it’s the wakeup ones. But every once in a while…lol.

chuns low mk

How could you not expect that? That’s like stepping out in the rain and expecting not to get wet.

It’s like going to chick fil a and expecting not to come out with something chicken related.