Moves you never see coming

^ its not that i dont expect b+fierce, low mk and standing mp whoring from a chun li. Its just that usually i dont see that fuckin move comin, thats all. I can block half round but the second i try to dash/poke/whatever i eat a low mk

another move i dont see comin is the demon flip grab, i hate that move

ex dive from twelve. allot of remy things.

yang doing some tricky timing with his slashes after standing lk or low mk

I fuckin’ love that move. Even when I get hit by it I’m like “Yeah, that’s fucking awesome, I love that move.”

Random Alex command grabs on my wake up get me a lot.

  1. !

i keep gettin zombied by hugo :frowning: …you know that slow run and grab then body splash on the wall…i hate it. anyone still gettin caught off guard by anything in 2013?

tick grabs are still my worst enemy

Shoto jump HK is retarded.

I don’t have as many problems with them now, but tick throws are still pretty lame. Atleast online. Thank god for late techs.

Akuma tatsu

The ones who use it to close the distance… just laugh it off

dang dash demon gets me alot

ken jump ex tatsu.

That last one I landed on you was awesome!!!1111

play again soon!

denjin hadoken

The Jump in right after I anti aired the last jump in 1 or even 2 times. & The jump in when I low forward.

Start watching @ 3:15


In the beginning of the clip “yo i’m blowin up” with the pager is also cool.