Moveset and Attributes AE 2012: Good till 2013




Notable Normals:
Standing Close:
:mp: Essential for hit confirming. Can link lots of normals after a hit. +7 on hit, +4 on block
:mk: Three frame start up. Fastest normal attack. Can be linked from st.:lp:, st.:lk:, and cr.:lp: for a hit confirm. i.e. cr.:lp: > xx :lp: Senkugoshoha. “Center” extends forward during move so that specials cancelled from this will move you forward.
:hk: Four frame start up, can be used as anti-air. 5 active frames.

Standing Far:
:mp: Solid poke, can be special and super cancelled. Links to sweep on counterhit.
:hp: Great poke, 5 active frames. Links to sweep on counterhit. Great hitbox for stuffing moves.
:mk: Can be used as anti-air, good poke.
:hk: Used as a poke and to kara.

:mp: Hits low
:hp: Anti-air
:lk: Lowers Gouken’s hitbox. Low poke. 5 frames.
:mk: Anti-air, 4 frames. Use with lp+lk+mk to crouch tech.
:hk: Six frame sweep, sets up safe jumps. Great recovery for a sweep, -3 on block.

Neutral Jump:
:hp: Great air to air attack. Slams opponent out of air. Can follow up a two hit j.:mp:

Diagonal Jump:
:lk:cross up
:mk:cross up
:hk:Has a high and low hitbox. Slams opponent out of air. Can follow up two hit j.:mp:
:mp:Great air to air attack. First hit can be cancelled into air tatsu. First hit will produce a juggle state.

Command Normals:
Overhead: :f:+:mp:
One hit overhead that can be linked to c.:lp: on counterhit or meaty. Increased to 4 active frames.

Dive Kick: At height of jump arc :d:+:mk:
Changes attack arc with a downward diagonal dive kick. Has weak hit and block stun.

Normal Throw::lp:+:lk: or :b::lp:+:lk:
Two hit throw. Can dash forward twice for a dj.:mk: cross up or dash forward once and use :mk: Hyakki Shu/Demon Flip to set up a cross up or safe jump.

Back Throw::b::lp:+:lk:
Tosses the opponent in the air causing one grey damage and counting as a single hit in combo scaling. The opponent will be in a juggle state and at your mercy. Five frame start up (normal throws have three frame start up). Opponents have longer to tech and it can be teched on reaction. If people attempt to crouch tech it, you will often get the throw because of the different tech window*.*

Special Moves

***Kongoshin (Counter):***:rdp:+ :p: Gouken goes into a stance and if he is hit he will immediately release an aura of power in a set radius blowing his opponent away from him to the other side of the screen. Works on projectiles: It loses to throws and armor breaking moves. Can be FADCed into EX Tatsu, MP Senkugoshoha, Ultra1 (corner only except for very rare circumstances), and Ultra 2 anywhere. It is also super cancellable.

Kongo has a 1 frame start up and therefore can not be safe jumped and can be used to counter crouch techers and non air-tight block strings.

:lp: will counter low
:mp: will counter mid
:hp: will counter high

**EX: **The EX version activates all three counter boxes at once

***Senkugoshoha (Palm Dash):***:dp:+ :p: Gouken performs a sliding dash forward, upon reaching the opponent or predetermined distance he will perform a palm strike on his opponent. If it hits, it will send the opponent flying across the screen. This move has projectile invulnerability while he is sliding across the screen. No invincibility on start up or attack frames. Can be FADCed. Can be super cancelled. After an anti-air fireball you can use this move to followup for more damage. In the corner, you can connect Ultra II after landing a palm strike. Has armor breaking properties.

:lp:Stands in place and performs the palm strike. Combos from any strength attack. Can be used to punish by combing into from a :lp: or :mk:

:mp: Moves a little more than a third of the screen before striking.

:hp: M[FONT=Arial]oves a little more than half of the screen before striking, can be used on reaction to punish fireballs.[/FONT]

EX: The EX version will go almost full screen but will hit twice instead of once. The second hit launches the opponent into the air and into a juggle state. You can then followup with attacks of your choice. Some characters can be hit by Ultra 1 afterwards by dashing into Ultra, all characters can be hit by Ultra 2. If you FADC after the second hit you can Ultra (1 or 2)any character and the execution level drops significantly.

***GoHadouken (Fireball):***:qcf:+ :p: standard projectile. It can be charged to hit twice instead of once, will release automatically when charged fully. All GoHadoukens travel the same speed. Punch used determines angle of fireball. All GoHadoukens create a juggle state. Slow startup but good recovery.

:lp:The fireball travels horizontally across the screen
:mp:The fireball travels at approximately a 30 degree angle
:hp:The fireball travels at approximately a 45 degree angle
EX: Releases two fireballs, the first is a :lp: fireball immediately followed by a :mp: fireball while the :lp: fireball is still on the screen.

***Tatsumaki Gorasen (Hurricane Kick):***:qcb:+ :k: does a vertical Hurricane kick straight up into the air. There are a few points worth knowing about this move as it looks like a variation on a dragon punch/shoryuken.

First: It only really hits high, but has excellent forward reach. If an opponent is neutral ducking or crouch attacking, this move will most likely whiff. The opponent should be airborne or standing to guarantee the first kick hits.

Second: This move does not suck the opponent into the subsequent attacks. Just because you land the first kick does not mean all subsequent attacks will land. The opponent can drop out of this move, depending on certain things.

Third: This move has absolutely terrible recovery. This is a problem because of the first and second point.

Fourth: The first hit is FADCable. Depending on spacing, you can FADC into Ultra. Because of the first point, if it whiffs, you cannot FADC. See point three.

:lk:Travels on a short distance into the air. Three hits.
:mk:Travels a medium distance into the air. Four hits.
:hk:Travels high into the air. Five hits.
EX: Throw and attack invincible on start up. Locks opponents in if you hit with the first hit.

***Air Tatsumaki Gorasen (Air Hurricane Kick):***:qcb:+ :k: in the air
This move will travel horizontally across the screen with no arc. Can be tiger kneed for an instant overhead but the timing is strict. Can be used to escape corner pressure. A neutral or forward jump will produce a forward moving tatsu, while a back jump will produce a backward moving tatsu. The only exception to this is if you combo from the first hit of j.:mp:in which case it will always move forward.

:lk:short distance
:mk:medium distance
:hk:long distance
EX: able to control the direction of movement

***Hyakki Shu (Demon/Gouken Flip):***:dp:+ :k: This move launches Gouken into the air and towards his opponent. Follow-ups depend on button pressed. Can be used for safe jumps and cross ups

:lk:Travels a short distance
:mk:Travels a medium distance
:hk:Travels the farthest, approximately 4/5ths of the screen
EX: Has start up invincibility and tracks your opponent.

Hyakki Shu Follow Up-
:p::Enables Gouken to absorb one hit in the air which is converted to grey damage. Vulnerable to multi-hitting air moves, air throws, and armor breaking moves.

:k:**:**Gouken will stop his flight arc and perform a downward diagonal kick attack. This attack can be blocked crouching. Can cross up.

:lp:+ :lk: Gouken performs an untechable throw. After the throw you can perform a cross up jump attack. Be aware the throw will switch what side of the screen you are on. If your opponent is cornered and you use this throw, you will wind up in the corner.

Nothing: Performs a sliding sweep kick for an untechable knockdown. Must be blocked low. Easily punished on block.

Super Move:
**Forbidden Shoryuken: **:qcf::qcf:+ :p:
Performs a multi hitting shoryuken. Now has 3 frame startup. Cannot be safejumped.

Ultra Moves
Shin Shoryuken::qcf::qcf:+:3p:
Full animation (3 hit) does massive damage, can be FADCed into from the first hit of a tatsu, EX palm dash/senkugoshoha or counter/kongoshin. If used from backthrow the damage will be scaled. Slow start up makes it difficult to use as an antiair. You can get the multi hit off of a two hit j.:mp:. Multi-hit version does less damage.

Denjin Hadouken::qcf::qcf: +:3k:
Throws a multi hitting fireball. Can be charged for up to 8 hits. Rotating the stick will increase the speed of the fireball. There are three speeds. Causes lower damage but heavy stun. If it hits a grounded opponent you can followup the wall bounce with an attack. Will cause stun points on block (50 points per blocked hit) but will not trigger a stun state if opponent foes over their stun limit while blocking this. Can juggle off two hit j.:mp:, EX senkugoshoha, Kongoshin/counter FADC, and Senkugosha FADC and non FADC in the corner.


reserved for updates and additional info


Cool stuff in here.

EDIT : In rare cases 3F safe jump is possible. ( Technically the Super is Safe-jumpable. )

Two come to my mind. Sagat has a 3F safe jump in the corner. And Rufus after a Forward Throw.


Those are just safe jumps where you avoid the hitbox of the srk, Gouken has them too. However, HP super has a lot of range so I will remove the safe jump stuff if the setups work on it.



Time to sleep here, I’ll try it out tomo! Bye guyz


it has sick range if you ask me. it reaches two backdashes away roughly.


Hey some extra addendums I think are important to know, I only mention a normal if I’ve added something:

Notable Normals:
Standing Close:
:mp: Essential for hit confirming. Can link lots of normals after a hit. +7 on hit(+10 on counterhit, so do whatever), +4 on block
:mk: Three frame start up. Fastest normal attack. Can be linked from st.:lp:, st.:lk:, and cr.:lp: for a hit confirm. i.e. cr.:lp: > xx :lp: Senkugoshoha, Moves you very far forward and specials cancelled from it use the closer distance

Standing Far::hp: Great poke, 5 active frames. Links to sweep on counterhit. Great hitbox for stuffing honda headbutts, blanka balls etc:hk: Used as a poke and to kara throw, kara focus and kara hadou(also kara counter, if you feel like it).


Damn, patch hasn’t even landed yet, and you already got a new writeup; good shit =)


Eh it’s just based on what we know. Not THAT much has changed, I’m going to be looking for a lot of input from you guys :slight_smile:

Hey Souchan thanks for the input but I’m just making a basic guide really. Rule of thumb for counter hits applies so if you know about counterhits you know it is +10, no need to add that I don’t think.

I’ll add the bit about

As for HP vs certain characters I’ll leave that for matchup threads, but I’ll add it has a great hitbox for stuffing things.

I’ll edit to say “For karaing”


Thats the thing about counters, I just love that cl.MP is +10 and like mentioning to get people interested about counterhits.

For karaing, you might still want to add a section somewhere that goes into the amount of stuff that can be kara’d cause most people tend to just think along the line of throws, which is Goukens kara I use the least. Kara focus I use the hell out of and would like to see a lot more people use it(especially Kens need to, their kara focus is godlike for getting through fireballs)


Maybe you can start an advanced section detailing the ins, outs, and how to’s of all that stuff. I’m sure plenty of people would find it helpful, I don’t kara focus at all, but would be interested in it.

Just trying to make a guide for your average person to look at to get a feel for his specials and normals. All the advanced stuff is past what I’m trying to do.


Basic use of kara focus isn’t that advanced really, it’s just underused(compared to say, Kara throw). It’s just one of those things I like to have nestle in peoples heads, I like them knowing it’s possible, before going into the why and when exactly.

(Here’s a somewhat advanced app for it though, after ex palm, kara focus dash forward instead of just dash and see what a difference it can make, just a little something for giggles)


That’s interesting. Do the extra kara-focus frames still allow you to hit hk.tatsu?


Nice guide!


How can you tell how many frames you get from a kara anything?


Kara’s add a single frame to the regular animation, as it’s a focus attack dash I assume at minimum it will add 2 frames, if I manage to perfectly get it after the first frame of Goukens recovery and assuming Focus can be cancelled into a dash on it’s first frame.

@ artificeren I am still experimenting what exactly it allows me to that normally I could not, I am still working on my timing while executing this.(My execution is my biggest weakness so this takes a while^^) Like I said, just the notion of it is something that tickles my curiosity and hopefully other G men as well^^



check out the new combo.


You can link super off normal hit st. hp and counter st. hk.


Getting 495 damage off of a counter xx super feels so much more worth it now. I used to use kongo FADC Ex tatsu, but now you spend one extra bar and net an additional 145 damage. Also, the St. Cl. HK xx Super link is quite easy and that combo looks good and nets pretty good damage. I will try to see if St. Cl. HK, Cr. Mp XX Super is possible or if the pushback from both the HK and Cr. MP push the opponent back to far. I had read that someone previously stated that having fully stocked super and U2 could possibly scare your opponent. After playing with the new Denjin buffs last night I am definately feeling it a little more than U1 right now. Why did this update have to come out on the day of a final exam though?


open the bandwagon, lol