"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


And in all fairness… it didn’t even need a one-off.


Tolkien had the most untouchable linguistic hustle cuz he can hustle your ass in like 8 different languages, one of which he completely made up.


Keepin it real with 'SPLOSIONZ!


What in the…is this supposed to scare?


What if the Beatles never existed…


This will be a trilogy with a spin off trilogy put into production shortly after.


Yall salty old men really thought disney was just gonna leave all that cash alone. Frozen bout to bankrole the whole mcu lol.


Saw Alita: Battle Angel last night. While the action set pieces were great, nothing really tugged at my emotions for the character motivations. I recommend it. It’s a good movie but not a master-class outing.


Dumb bitchea gonna roll like that.

They already covered the “lost perfect daddy for issues”, “cheating liar cad/SRK Vynce”, “creepy old guard business dudes seeking to dominate the new chicks”, and the “bumbling inept but good hearted sap who can’t really help but maybe if he does enough heavy lifting the beta chick might give him a taste” tropes, so what is left?

Odds on the theme songs being a twist on the message of Let It Go?

Something like Never Let Go!

And then she explodes from methane buildup.


I liked Frozen. Trailer has me interested. Lookin forward to it.


I wanted to rage quit the first time my wife and niece wanted to see it. Seemed like there were 10 songs in the first 15 minutes.


Yea Disney movies usually work that way lol.


It’s strange because that’s the first one that I just wanted to throw something at the TV. It just seemed a bit excessive for what was going on . . . . … . . albeit Disney LOL


Yea i dunno i think the complaint is funny. Like i want to sarcasrically ask if youve seen most of Disneys animated fair lol.

But i mean if you didnt like then you didnt like it. Unfortunate but you cant like everything either.


I liked this song from Frozen:


Yeah, that was the only one that seemed to take a drinking from a firehose approach to the musical element. I just didn’t think I was ready. Most of Disney’s other films I’m good with. It’s not a bad movie by any means, just not my cup of tea.

I thought this was a very well thought out video essay on criticism.


Michael Jai White
Scott Adkins
Tony Jaa
Iko Uwais
Tiger Hu Chen
Celina Jade
MIchael Bisping


Fuckin tiger chen


Cool. I don’t remember the last time I was excited to see a martial arts action flick.


know which cgi movie i liked? hotel transylvania