"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


There has to be some kind of irony in there that it’s a remake of a Mel Gibson movie.


That movie shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes long.

(Transformers :wink:)


You forgot video games



Best movie in its genre!!! Tom Cruise killed it in this move back in 2004. I remember seeing this in 2004 in the theaters before deployment to Iraq…

This is in the same universe/timeline as The Transporter. Maybe it’s a prequel…

Club Fever, baby!!!


Without any desire to offend you I feel the need to state that I completely despise ‘Collateral’ and keep the dvd case in my basement as a reminder of my terrible decision to purchase the film in response to all the praise showered on it and how worthless movie critics are.

P.S. I watched 1977’s ‘The Psychic’ to quench my need for a good suspense thriller and it delivered in every sense of the word. The premise is that a woman with ESP witnesses a murder in a vision and sets out to find the killer. It takes place in a wealthy part of Italy with beautiful, archaic scenery and is accompanied by a great script, wonderful soundtrack, talented cast, and masterful camerawork. It is so good that I am going to need to get my hands on some more of Lucio Fulci’s films.

*It is also free on YouTube:




I love how a taxi driver can kill a best of the best hit man, with a gun, when they are pitted against each other.

Racism takes many, many forms.

White man trains for years to be a killer’s killer… prolly a natural 16 Agility, with training to the level of gun grand master.

Black man drives taxi, gets +87 to hit racial bonus for gun violence.

It is almost as pointlessly stupid as the cop’s death/extensive screen time/inclusion in the movie at all.


“Yo homey! Is that my briefcase?”

Max used Vincent’s gun against him. Vincent had some shitty security guy’s gun that couldn’t do shit. That’s why Vincent got shot. Had piercing armor bullets…


Saw MI: Fallout yesterday.

I saw the “twist” coming, but it played out in a way that was unexpected. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, you are definitely missing out on a good one at the close of the summer blockbuster season. Given the fact that it’s the sixth movie in and it’s got steam is pretty impressive.

Sidenote, regardless how off people may think Cruise is, you have to give the man credit for the dedication he has to action roles.


I don’t personally like Tom Cruise’s action roles and prefer his thriller (Minority Report) and drama roles (A Few Good Men).


Injustice Superman is great in this movie!!!


How about his most overtly gay role as a hotdog military cadet, turned into hamburger?

Rat-a-Taps-tat, what the fuck, Penn?


Not my cup of tea…


ever since his ex wife mimi rogers said tom was asexual and ever since that bad kiss with his wife kidman in eyes wide shut…he keeps getting accused of being gay lol.

some people just arent very sexual. nothing wrong with that.


What’s funny is that most gay men are very sexually active so linking lack of interest towards sex with being gay has always perplexed me


Slice trailer…


If this is the case, then all of the theories can be put to rest.


This is kinda old hat, Michael Caine made this statement years ago because people kept asking him about it right after Inception came out and the old man got fed up.


watch this movie, its really good.