"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


so no one has mentioned Sly making Rambo 5???
I really liked Rambo (2008) but idk it felt like the story was over after that movie. They are going Taken plot in Mexico. Quote from sly back in 2012: “I’m dying to do another Rambo . He’s in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico . I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans .”


Yes, I mean Fraser.

He too has got a… far larger body of work, now.

I almost didn’t recognize him.

And then I did.

And then I got sad.


You mean he got fat?



Even by Texan standards.


The Mule trailer…


saw Logan’s Run again after many many…er, many years of not having seen it.

have mixed feelings. cant tell if it was a good movie or not. dont get me wrong, its not so much the shitty special effects. as so much that im not so sure the premise of a society based on keeping consumption down by keeping the population down is so…worthy of centering a movie around it.
especially when Soylent Green tackled the same issue of society teetering towards extinction due to overconsumption from overpopulation, but did it better. AAAAND in the same decade. 1970s.
i mean its a good movie. but there are parts of it that made me wonder if a good bit of trimming it down with editing wouldnt have improved the experience vastly.
the special effects are distractingly bad considering Star Wars was right after it and was leaps and bounds better with its special effects.
one positive was that its actresses were super cute.
Farrah Fawcett and Jenny Agutter.


Mortal Engines 2nd trailer…


that trailer looks interesting.

saw I Kill Giants.
its not what you expect from seeing its trailers.
think Bridge to Terabithia movie if youve ever seen that.
its good. touching.


Bridge to Terabithia was heart breaking.



Jarule in this as cameo…


Blumhouse is producing the “Fantasy Island” movie…it’s gonna be FUCKED UP!!!


Didn’t expect this remake…


call me crazy but watching ghost in the shell 2017 again and if you block out the original film’s far better story/plot from your mind…2017 version isnt bad. visuals are really strong. i’ll give it credit for that.


I doubt it will have the atmosphere of the original, but what the hell, I will probably watch it at some point.


GiTS 2017 was a perfectly fine entry in the series. It’s better then Innocence was by miles.


I liked ScarJo’s ghost in the shell. It wasn’t bad but like it wasn’t exactly good? I just know I enjoyed it. It was very visually appealing.


Glass trailer #2


Time Freak trailer…

The Best of Enemies trailer…


saw The Andromeda Strain for the 1st time. a little slow paced in the middle, but loved it. surpising amount of tech for 1971.