"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I read the book before I saw the movie, the movie stays true to the book. So good. When writing the book Michael Crichton did his research by talking to the military. So when people say, behind closed doors the military has tech 20 years ahead of current tech there might be some truth to that!


Aladdin teaser…


Why Will Smith smh
Jim Carrey or even Mike Myers would have done better as Genie


Last I heard Jim Carrey is tied up with doing the voice work for Eggman in the new Sonic film and doing his own TV series ‘Kidding’ on Showtime. Meanwhile, Mike Myers might be retired for good.


He’s got a supporting role in Bohemian Rhapsody, so he not quite out of the game yet.


That is good to hear.


I honestly have no desire to see any of these remakes after Beauty and the Beast


I think the issue with the live action remakes is everyone has member berries about what the movies meant to them as children, so you can either be criticized for taking a bold chance or make an inferior version of the original if you follow the story to the letter. It’s a lose/lose.


I refuse to see the live action dumbo because it’s being written and directed by Tim Burton. It looks fucking horrid.

Like the remake of beauty and the beast was pretty decent but Gaston is my favorite Disney character and they didn’t do him justice in the live action remake.


I agree. However The last one was a cash grab. The autotune of the voices was atrocious and added a backstory that contributed nothing to the story. The only one I was interested in before was Mulan. It could be bad ass, but the machine more than likely has its hooks in it given the environment.


da fuck is member berries?
is that testicle berries as opposed to ass dingle berries?
i know, thats a cell phone induced typo.
still funny tho.
note the time folks when the term member berries was first created by j ride.
the term is gonna catch fire on the net in a few short years.


Disney has an impressive plethora of live action films under its belt as well, but I agree that some animated stories should not be remade in this format.


Let’s not forget 101 Dalmatians movie… That was an abomination of a film, perhaps only Glen Close as Cruella is worth mentioning.

Idk Jungle Book was fine imo, only thing I think they dropped the ball was with the songs. Old school animated Disney was known for their songs and live action JB sorta botched them real good. On the other hand, it was a sorta more realistic adaptation (Aquila dies, fire connotation, etc). I really wanna see The Lion King done right. Aladdin was really cool back in the day and at least they didn’t go with Caucasian leads (Ghost in the Shell, Mandarin in IM3, Dr Strange One, etc)


To be honest, I thought the bear necessities bit was really well done in the movie. It wasnt over the top and felt like a natural connection between the 2.

Now Christopher walken singing on the other hand…


I don’t think it is the legend himself Christopher Walken’s fault there. I may be completely wrong but in my mind, the reason for such change is cause of a perhaps negative association of the monkeys/Loui with black ppl. The original tune could be seen as interpreted by black folks, which to me is totally fine but SJWs today would go like “OMG you calling them monkeys” etc
Like I said, I could be wrong here


Southpark did it first!


a little off topic but funny as hell


So then.

My Dinner with Herve, was legit.

That is all.


The Eddie/Venom relationship is hands down the best part of the Venom movie…

"In my planet, I’m kind of a loser like you Eddie.


Night of the Living Dead will be in theaters this week, remastered.