"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


Already not true.


Well okay…


Will it star Jayden Smith? If not, I will watch it.


Ridley Scott gonna make Gladiator sequel which will focus on Lucius, Commodus’ nephew.

Hmm, after the Alien criticism I wonder if this will turn out good or not


Gladiator was only good because of its main characters, and equally importantly, who played them.

No Phoenix and no Crowe is a no go.

Ridley might as well make another sequel to Blade Runner instead.

Maybe this time it will be shot in slides.

Slides of Jayden Smith’s baseline test.


He thankfully didn’t direct Bladerunner 2049 and wouldn’t you know it’s a fucking awesome movie.

I think Scott’s kinda washed up as a director, he should probably just produce these days.


It’s like video game. You’ll understand lol!!!


literally the only good adaption is rurouni kenshin followed by a decent adaption in bleach.

japan and america are both terrible at it and white wash/asian wash the cast.


I can’t speak about the anime adaptations as I avoid them like the plague, but Mortal Kombat, Hitman, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil all had a good movie or two made about them.


saw ready player one.
dont get the negative criticisms about it including the “shaky cam” and “too much cgi” and “taking advantage of our nostalgia” shit thrown at it by folks.
seemed fine to me. better than i expected and also felt like a movie you’d expect from a young spielberg rather than old one thats more serious and art driven.
i wanna watch it again tomorrow.


I haven’t rewatched it but Ready Player One felt like a movie that was made 20 years too late to have the impact it was supposed to. So many movies and tv shows cash in on Nostalgia way better then that film did. Felt like Spielberg was given a list pop culture things he knew nothing about and just jammed them into the movie.


Ready Player One looked beyond awful to me. I avoided it like the plague and rolled my eyes every time I saw a preview for it on tv or In theaters.


those pop culture references existing in the Oasis had a purpose. the purpose, at least storywise, was to serve Halliday’s fetish for all things pop.
also, pop culture is the only thing that is universal, that the players of Halliday’s game can get, and since Halliday made a game to be won, not only to bring in new players but to let the players win the game by grasping the clues he left behind, the references to pop make perfect sense.
if he leaves behind riddles, best way to have riddles solved is with pop culture trivia knowledge.
Spielberg didnt cram anything into the movie.
Halliday did.
and whatever pop culture references Halliday didnt insert, the players in Oasis did.
and that too is perfectly natural because, as you can see in any mmo with customizable features to your character, first thing people do is mod and custom make their character to refer to pop culture bullshit.
whether its dragonball character mod skins for SF or customized one punch man and Kamen rider looks to soul calibur 6 characters.
like, it happens all the time in every mmo game.
remember Aech making an iron giant? she made it, for the same reason homboy making a modskin goku for ryu does in SF4
cuz she likes Iron Giant.
so why is Spielberg committing a sin here for having pop culture references in a movie about a MMO game?
what do people want him to do?
make a movie about a MMO in the future that unlike 99.9% of all present day MMOs, doesnt have customizable characters or allows modding your avatar?
that makes the MMO sound pretty shitty dontcha think?
if it cant do in the distant future what present day MMOs can.


he made a “realistic” representation of a MMO. and that includes the MMO allowing for mods and customization.
dont fault him for realistically depicting the 1st thing people do when given the option for customization and mod skins…which is make pop culture references.


give it a chance and watch it with a open mind.


No thanks.


saw django unchained again. on youtube. someone uploaded a godlike blue ray quality version.
seen it lots of times prior.
but only just now did i notice that the italian guy who is in the death battle match scene in the middle of the movie…is actually the original actor who was Django in the 60s films.
holy shiii!
and he asks Foxx whats his name which he replies Django.
i see what you did there Quentin.
i see you.



Not sure I would see this…the show ended well.


There is no need for this. Given the fact that they are one of the few shows with a decent spinoff, I am at least intrigued.


Gotta get blood from the stone somehow.


Brooklyn 99 Season 6 to debut January 10,2019 on NBC!