"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


Easy money.


The almighty dollar.


lmfao why is this a question?


Live action is cheaper and easier then hand drawn animation and their old animation catalogue has a built in fanbase to appeal to already.


its not nessisarily cheaper. especially not the disney level of excellence. If anything the reverse is true. but also it depends on the level of cgi involved

like beauty and the beast live action cost $300 mil

shrek 60 mil
toy story 3 200 mil
toy story 2 90 mil
up 175 mil


Thanks for listing cgi movies.


princess and the frog was disneys last hand drawn movie. 105 mil


Better. Thanks.


oops actually not last one found two more

260 mil…so up there but not beauty and beast levels

winnie the pooh
30 mil

so on average animated movies cost less in general but there are some that get up there.


Meanwhile Dragon Ball Super: Broly is gonna break all records and bet it didn’t cost more than 100 million


It really won’t


saw Tomb Raider 2018 movie.
good but not great. felt well paced but a tad slow at first. then the middle part felt rushed and skipped alot i think. 3rd act felt good. well paced. enjoyed the actor that played the villain. he is great in Tarantino movies since Tarantino uses him alot, but in this one i felt he needed to go a little more over the top. not so self controlled.
tbh i rarely say this but i feel the movie wouldve been better if it ran longer. an extra 30 to 40 minutes wouldve helped it out i think. namely the middle part. actress was likable. but i feel it, the movie, needed a little more art style regarding cinematography/direction. just to look slicker. but it was prob a lower budget production for that.
keep in mind im one of the few people that actually liked the angelina jolie tomb raider movies. especially the 1st one.’
but this was good too.
it hints at a sequel but idk how well this one did for that to happen.


speaking of tarantino.
damn that guy knows how to write great dialogue for his characters.
like the best at these memorable lines that get delivered.


I liked the 2018 Tomb Raider a lot. I had no idea Walton Goggins (main villain) was in it until he showed up on screen. I was pleasantly surprised because he’s one of my favorite actors.


My wife and I binged the first half of Haunting of Hill House on Netflix last night. You guys watch it yet? I like it so far.


sooo saw fantastic beasts part 2. And the end retconned a whoooole fuckin bunch of shit. lmfao. it doesnt make any fuckin sense in the lore of harry potter. J.K bout to make a whole new fuckin set of books or sumtin and get scrooge mcduck money.


Great White Triple Jump levels of bad??


if you dont follow harry potter canon, it wont affect you in any way. especially since this stuff wasnt referenced in the movies. But if you get harry potter canon, it retconned a bunch of shit with dumbledore.


It’s her universe. She can do whatever she wants.

Spoiler: I’ve never read or watched anything related to Harry Potter.


sooooo dont comment if you arent even into this stuff? Ive def seen you complain about changes in other franchises like this, that you enjoy.