"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


Rise of the TMNT is bad and anyone that likes it should feel bad.


I’m actually a fan of his work especially Kill Bill. I really love it when The Bride killed Bill using Five Point Palm Exploding Heart technique in Vol 2. She physically break Bill’s heart for emotionally breaking her heart with all the trauma Bill caused her. This is the best revenge story I’ve ever seen.


sheeeeit, I checked out the first 2 episodes of the Haunting of Hill House…oh yeah this is a good one so far. The house itself looks awesome, man… like if I could afford such a house I would absolutely be in there…it’s giving me a few little home-makeover ideas too (*like the lion’s head doorknob on the red room; nice little accent there)

TnA/Eye-candy - the woman playing the mom in flashbacks is looking tasty.

Every time I think about dropping Netflix they keep on coming out with new hotness, man… after Hill House, Sabrina will be next for me…and the documentary section has been on fire lately. (*highly recommend the one on Quincy Jones, btw)


I think the two Bride films are fantastic, but overall are trumped by the dialogue and relationships found in 1992’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and 1997’s ‘Jacky Brown’.

P.S. The Harry Potter books themselves dipped in quality after Prisoner of Azkaban, but fortunately The Deathly Hollows finished strong (sadly its movies were not that good).


The deathly hallows was Rowling inability to close a story . She went and tagged a folk tale into the last chapter of her saga and tried to retconn a bunch of shit, like oh yeah they just threw one of the Hallows to Harry to destroy for giggles back in his 2nd year. I’d say the books are readable until the fifth one, the movies were shit after the third one on the other hand


I disagree. I was actually amazed about how many references it contained to previous books and how well it was able to tie up loose ends. The deathly hollows were a retroactive addition, not a retcon. They worked well because they were an extension of a limited frame of reference rather than a modification of the properties of existing objects. I actually rather liked the adventurous tone of the final chapter, I loved how eventful nearly every chapter was, and felt that the folk tale aspects were more in line with the first three installments. I would gladly read The Deathly Hollows again or listen to it on tape (Jim Dale’s voice is just magical).

I also felt that The Goblet of Fire was very contrived and failed to really captivate me despite all of the novel things it introduced due to the structure of its plot. It becomes even worse when I think about the fact that by following the rules of the tournament (especially given Potter admitted that he did not add his name into the drawing and was not eligible to compete in the first place) the whole catastrophe could have been averted.

Sadly, I agree about the movies being subpar beyond the third installment.


Anybody seent Widows yet?


The Lego Movie 2 trailer…


i know rock has. seemed like he liked it


darn. cant find a stream of Tale of princess Kaguya anywhere. no dont mention netdlix to me.

gonna watch GITS2. instead.


Saw Creed II last night. Solid recommend. I do think that if they stop here, it’ll be satisfying.


Haunting on Hill House was fucking excellent. Every time I hop on Netflix something good dropped.


I loved it for the most part, but thought the ending was just a little weak. I really like how each episode was set up as a chapter from the book, exploring each character’s backstory when they were kids and how the house haunted them then. And then flashing forward to how that fucked them up as adults. Great show overall.


The Wreck It Ralph mid-credit and post-credit scenes were pretty much the best parts of the movie.

Everybody in the year let out a very audible collective “ohhhhh riiiiiight” when the credits showed who played Shank. XD


my theater was rolling pretty consistently throughout the whole movie tonight.


havent seen GITS2 yet, too busy recording Expelled from Paradise.


By GITS2 do you mean Innocence?



yea. recorded it this morning. its on youtube. full movie.


Interested to hear your take, I think it’s one of the weakest pieces of GiTS media there is.