"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I thought it was brilliant.

Especially in its delivery, its conveyance of innocence.


Who was the true, pure innocent, in the movie?



Not the dog, not the Major, not the dolls, not Togusa, not his child - Batou.

Despite his life, all he has lost, he hasn’t lost that spark in him.

The movie does a grand job of conveying this.

Batou is an eternal romantic.


Not bad for a live action.


I want to get behind this, but Beauty and the Beast destroyed that. At least James Earl Jones is back. I am somewhat intrigued by Chiwetel Ejiofor’s portrayal of Scar.


Beauty and the Beast was so very horribad.


Simba is so fluffy…

I really want to watch it, but I need to know whether Seth Rogan is going to jinx the whole thing. I need to hear some lines…


They did Gaston dirty in the live action beauty and the beast


my cousin was going on a rant saying

" It takes way more skill to make the animated hand drawn Lion King compared to the live action "


its not live action tho, its cgi.


Internet’s reaction to Keanu Reeves being announced for Toy Story 4.

Pretty solid. :ok_hand:


The Zangief bit is definitely going to stick in my mind. lol

Saw the latest Harry Potter tonight … seems like it’d be a confusing mess if you hadn’t read the books and seen the movies. Kind of eye-popping/surprising in where they’re taking the story.


bruh lmfao


i recorded it but havent watched it yet. ive seen the og mid 90s film, and the scarlett live action one. like around 2010 or soething like that i tried to watch stand alone complex, but got bored and stopped watching.
so ive only seen just the 2 movies.
i also recorded expelled from paradise and metropolis but havent watched it either.
sometimes i just record a movie and leave the room to do something else.
i’ll give my opinion after i do.

i did see Ant Man today tho.
paul rudd is def perfect for that role. liked the supporting actors alot in this one.
as for the movie. well, every comic book movie im always pleasantly surprised, but thats only because my expectations are always low. so how can i ever be disappointed?
its also why Star Wars movies get ragged on.
high expectations which can never be fulfilled. disney’s marvel movies are pretty lucky when it comes to that.


I was also blown away by the quality of ‘Ant-Man’. I like Paul Rudd in pretty much any role, but his role in this film’s plot was definitely interesting with the whole audition for superhero role aspect. I also really loved Michael Douglas’ role in the film as a retiring superhero. His tank keychain was really neat.


The only marvel movies that have ever wow’ed me and made me feel like I didn’t just waste 2 hours of my time are Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok. Infinity war is an honorable mention I guess? But I don’t think it’s a good movie it’s just not bad like most marvel movies.


Which movies would you say are the “bad” ones and what makes them so?


I’m with @chadouken tbh. The Last Jedi kicks ass. Then again, I also don’t think that The Phantom Menace was the mass child rape that so many people say it is. I think it’s… fine. It has a good score, that one really good three-way sword fight at the end, and Liam Neeson is Liam Neeson.

I heard that guy has a MONSTER cock.


cheh, so I finally checked out the first episode of Sabrina on Netflix… ehhhhh this is not off to a good start for me…not even sure if I want to continue watching that. At least the girl playing Sabrina is slightly cute…but even on that note she’s no Melissa J. Hart though… Melissa had that serious PAWG booty from day 1…and she just got even more curves as the years went on.

Legacies continues to just be mildly “ok” at best for me… I’m only continuing to watch at this point because the girls are hot (as per usual CW) and it’s in the TVD/Originals universe; eh I’ve said that before, I’m sure. The vamps on this show are REALLY goddamn lame so far, man… this might just be because vamps were the focus of this show’s predecessors, I suppose…but still…at least they aren’t Twilight-level lame. The 2 they have on there just aren’t generally interesting to me… one dude is chubby, and the other one is a goody-2-shoes vampire, always trying to do the right thing, and fuck that.


Glad I wasn’t the only teen checking her out during those days.


I saw Widows yesterday. Viola Davis is gonna get another Oscar.


Been on a kick lately, watching all these scathing youtube reviews for the latest, craptacular Predator movie. It made me want to rewatch the 1987 Predator flick again for the first time in about 12 years. Still holds up! Great movie and one of Arnold’s best.

As for the crappy 2018 Predator flick, out of dozens of youtube reviews, these two are easily my favorite: