"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional

Christian Bale is a sexy Egyptian.


Angry african dad shazam is so good

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So the rumor is Disney is considering hiring back Johnny Deep for Pirates of the Caribbean

Why not making a dif franchise instead? Going with their plan of making rides into movies for newer audiences to identify with, they could make a space mountain movie or idk something else. I would love a Brer Rabbit movie but that wont happen I am afraid

You’re giving Disney too much credit.

It’s much less risky to revive an older franchise than develop a new one.


I don’t wanna see Ric flair porn…


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They better have beleaguered steve harvey as played by keenan as the host

I also think dynamo should be played by jonah hill

Fireball can be played by mike epps

This will probably be on the back burner, or for Disney+ would be my guess. They’re already turning that other ride into a movie with The Rock and Emily Blunt.

Finally watched Brazil over the weekend. Feels like the world we’re living in to some extent.

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I am 20-30 mins into Monster Hunter movie and it fucking sucks. And I am a super fan of the series. Is like the director never got the tone of the series at all. It is mainly a horror movie with flashes of a buddy movie. I sincerely hope they dont get a sequel


This applies to almost every studio at this point.


I am not sure our reality is quite as much of a bureaucratic dystopia, but the film was ahead in the computing and information sharing sense relative to its time. It is definitely one of my top 5 black comedies.

Hope you like alice in a new property

Not bad actually…


Luca teaser…



So they are merboys

Lmfao down to watch