"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


They trying to do Stefan/Damon thing with those 2 vampires…

So Did all of the original vampire family dies except for Hope???


they still left my honey Rebecca… she stayed around to one day take the cure, if I recall…I think for some reason she has to wait until Elena dies presumably in the future of old age… heh, I still don’t get that line of thinking for any superhuman character, y’know— “oh woe is me I wish I were a normal (weak-ass) human”—instead of the incredibly badass supernatural immortal monster I am currently. It makes no sense to me, man… humans are a clear downgrade in every way.
Kol I think left to be with Davina… I think? It’s been a while since I watched, and that final season was a bit disappointing.

*watching True Blood lately—I’m in season 5 at this point. The plot here with the TB-producing factories being destroyed by vampires kinda highlighted a little nitpick I didn’t realize until now—why would there NOT be other companies producing similar products? “True Blood” seems to be just 1 brand-name thing, like Pepsi… to be a bit more realistic with that, surely other companies would have competing products out there… like we how we have various brands of frozen pizza, sodas, chips, etc.


Yeah, Arnold’s filmography is filled with amazing action films. However, if we are talking about leading roles, I can’t help but place John Matrix from 1985’s ‘Commando’ at the top. It is just pure action and one liners. I also absolutely love 1984’s ‘The Terminator’ for its plot even if his role as the T-800 gives him only a few lines. However, there are tons of iconic films under his belt.


ULTRAMAN is back, folks…hell yeah




Just sad I am going to have to wait until April to watch, they HYPE is real!


watch Maggie if you wanna see more Arnold at his best as an actor.
dont click the spoiler blur if you havent seen it yet.

the reason Arnold was cast in that movie is because it depicts a dad that is powerless and helpless to save his daughter, and to have the biggest hero actor, thats known for saving the day, damsel in distress, and for being powerful…it shows if he cant do shit to save his daughter from zombie disease, no one else can. casting him in that role is perfect casting. sadly most reviewers of the movie, including the guys at redlettermedia, totally missed the point. went right over their heads. but his performance was on point and very touching. im writing this spoiler before i get quoted and called nuts for saying his performance was any good, when it was more than, it was great.


I didn’t think of it like that when I heard about it…I may check it out.


It may be a good film, but I personally need a light at the end of the tunnel to justify watching something that depressing.


Normally l would be opposed to a Candyman remake…hopefully Jordan and Nia do it justice.


cheh, another boring ass episode of Legacies where not much happens… they had a “dryad” on there who was somewhat oddly attractive…

  • Good Guy vampire continues to be generally lame
  • The brunette sister is hotter than the blonde.
  • Newbie Werewolf Guy challenges the alpha…I knew this is where that story thread was headed…and of course he defeated him…despite being a rookie werewolf who was just “activated” a few days ago in the timeline?! Bruh get the hell out of here with that.


Wait…why is there a sequel to this?


cheh, I couldn’t get over how terribly stupid/goofy the mask looks…that 1 little detail right there put me off of watching the first one.






That’s a shame as Emma Stone can only do one kind of role (modern love interest) and this is out of her league.


I disagree with that. You ever see Birdman? I thought she was excellent in that. Emma’s got some acting chops.

That said, I don’t know about this Cruella movie. It could be good, but I doubt I’ll watch it either way.


I have seen it and she plays the same kind of role in it as well.


Have you seen The Help?

Wait, goddammit. This is going to turn into one of those typical Neveryoumind arguments. I’ve already lost just for engaging.

You win, Emma Stone is a terrible actress, I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking. Let’s move on.


This has more to do with her range rather than the quality of her acting, but I have not seen ‘The Help’, so maybe she upped her game while I wasn’t paying attention.